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8th Grade Student Told "Don't Drink and Park....Accidents Cause Kids" Abstinence T-Shirt Too Offensive To Wear To School??

How ridiculous, when you consider schools are promoting homosexuality and offering contraception in our schools. What happened to free speech? If they really want to control people and dictate what students wear why not go to uniforms?

Why can't someone with the opposite viewpoint wear a t-shirt that promotes abstinence? Like those who oppose drunk driving are promoting safety, her shirt was promoting safe sex and was not offensive nor a ''sexual innuendo ' nor inappropriate, but a play on words which sends a message to young people "Don't Drink and Park....Accidents Cause Kids", telling young people not to have unprotected sex. 

The message doesn't go far enough for should say: "Don't Drink and Park...Because Drinking and Driving Don't Mix and Kids Shouldn't Be Having Sex". 

But then my idea uses the 'nasty' word 'sex', which I guess they would find offensive, even though it's the actual term for an activity that leads to unintended teen pregnancies and an activity the schools teach about, but only if you believe in homosexuality and contraception use.

The school's official dress code policy does prohibit what they call "clothing which contains sexually explicit, or oriented wording," and "clothing that infringes on the rights of others."

But Summer and her mother don't see it that way. 
"If they teach you about sex in the textbooks and stuff, and that's in a textbook, why can't I wear something that is related to it on a T-shirt?" Summer said.

Yahoo! News:
8th-grader’s t-shirt with abstinence message deemed “inappropriate” by school15-year-old 8th-grader, Summer Schreiner of Cocoa, Florida proudly wore a t-shirt with a message of abstinence that she had received at a Christian conference the night before. But to her surprise she was reprimanded by Clearlake Middle School staff who said the t-shirt reading, “DON’T DRINK AND PARK…ACCIDENTS CAUSE KIDS,” was inappropriate. 

Schreiner said "I was pretty upset. I thought it was silly…It's not like I was wearing a curse word or anything provoking violence.” But the school asked her to change her top and wear a school issued t-shirt that read “tomorrow I will dress for success.” 

Schreiner’s mother, Angela Hogan said, "It was humiliating for her, because she came dressed for success." While Hogan has spoken to school administrators, they stand by their decision. 

Michele Irwin, the school district director of communications said, "It’s not a situation of whether or not the district agrees or disagrees with abstinence among teenagers. It's about that there’s sexual innuendo and so we believe that it violated our dress code policy."

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