Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Rape Victim's Response On Gun Free Zones and Gun Control

This rape victims heartbreaking and frustrating story occurred in 2007. Yet nothing has been done to make 'gun free zones' safer for women or other potential crime victims. These gun free zones set up a false sense of security for the public because criminals don't care about the law. They don't care about breaking new laws. They are already intending to commit a crime as in this case, her rapist intended to rape her and then went on to rape two other women and eventually murdered a third victim. Thankfully he has finally been caught and is on death row.

However, she feels she was a victim because she was unable to protect herself despite having a concealed carry permit. Ironically, the liberal media doesn't want to share her story, Piers Morgan was offered to have her on and he declined!  I'm sure the Obama administration would rather ignore her story as well as the thousands of other victims of violence who would have felt safer if they had a gun on them or the thousands of other crime victims who did have a gun and were able to defend themselves or a loved one.

Recently, Colorado State Rep Joe Salazar suggested women use a 'rape whistle' on their potential rapist in order to defend themselves. Additionally, the University of Colorado actually advises women to vomit or urinate on the rapist to stop them!

I doubt any of these methods would have stopped her offender from harming her, if anything it would have upset him more and potentially angered him and caused him to kill her. A gun would have neutralized the situation and given her a fighting chance against a man, who is often physically stronger than a woman, and against a rapist with a gun.

Listen to Amanda Collins story below:

Excerpted BizPac Review:
"Radio host Cam Edwards talks to Amanda Collins, a woman who was brutally raped in October of 2007 at the University of Nevada-Reno. At the time, she possessed both a concealed carry permit and a 9mm Glock. She wasn’t carrying the night she was attacked because to do so would have been illegal — she was walking on a college campus — a “gun free zone.”

“I was legislated into being a victim,” she says.

Her attacker went on to rape two other women and murder a third before he was finally caught and brought to justice.

In this interview, she describes the incident which occurred within sight of a police station just 50 feet away. That, plus the fact that she had a second-degree karate black belt at the time didn’t help her. "

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