Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet 6 day old Baby Chloe who was dumped in a plastic Walmart bag on the street; Houston officials are still searching for her parents

Despicable any human being could just discard their own flesh and blood like a piece of trash in a Walmart bag outside. Thank God someone found her alive and rescued her. I pray she finds a loving forever family and they are able to find the parents to charge them with neglect, abandonment and attempted murder! She could have died out there if not found when she was. 

The only people who would do something like this is either a drug addict, heartless liberal who couldn't afford an abortion or a scared teen who didn't know any better about the Safe Haven program, where you can abandon your newborn safely at a hospital or fire/police station without legal consequences. Until society learns to respect our most vulnerable from womb to tomb we will continue to have this kind of evil in the world.

Mail Online:
Chloe was found dumped in the street by a dog walker last week
Doctors believe she was just a few hours old
She is now in foster care and a judge will decide her future next week
Authorities are looking for her parents so they can find out medical history

A baby who was found dumped in the street in a Walmart plastic bag last week has now been released from hospital, as authorities continue to search for her family.
The newborn, named Chloe by hospital staff in Houston, Texas, is now a week old and even has her first tooth - which she showed off to photographers as she smiled for cameras on Monday.
She was found outside an apartment complex on Tuesday last week after a woman's dog picked up on a scent and led her to a bag, where she made the startling discovery.
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Bundle of joy: Baby Chloe smiles a week after she was found dumped in a plastic bag in Houston
Bundle of joy: Baby Chloe smiles a week after she was found dumped in a plastic bag in Houston
Paramedics took the young girl, who still had about three inches of umbilical court attacked to her stomach, to Texas Children's Hospital, where she was listed as in good condition.
'She was very healthy… didn't have a fever,' Estella Olguin with the Child Protective Services told KHOU. 'Fortunately, she did not suffer from being exposed to the elements that evening.'

Content: The newborn has been placed in foster care and a judge will decide her future next week
Content: The newborn has been placed in foster care and a judge will decide her future next week
'So the person who is adopting this baby can have some more genetic family medical background on the baby to be able to raise her with more knowledge or information about her,' Olguin said.
Chloe will be cared for in a foster home as CPS continues the search. A hearing will be held on her behalf on March 4, and a judge will decide her fate, the Houston Chronicle reported.
Her early tooth is a genetic trait and could be a clue to tracking down the family, doctors said.
Sgt Gordon Trott, of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said an unnamed woman walking her pet at around 7pm came across a Walmart bag left near the fence surrounding the Stonegate Villas Apartments in the 11000 block of Grant Road in the Cypress section of Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle.
According to Trott, the woman's dog picked up a scent and led her to the bag. At first, the pet owner thought that someone had dumped a dead animal, but when she opened the parcel, she was surprised to find a little girl inside.
According to officials, the child was naked, but her body temperature was normal, suggesting that she had not been outside for a long time.
Her umbilical cord had not been clamped, but someone made sure to clean her up after birth.
Law enforcement officials were taken aback by the mother's decision to dump the newborn on the street since Texas has a Safe Haven law which allows anyone to drop off a child at a hospital or fire station without facing any legal repercussions, Click2Houston reported.
Endangering or abandoning a child is a third degree felony in Texas and punishable by two to ten years in prison. If the mother is a juvenile, she could still face repercussions in the juvenile courts.
But if the biological parents come forward in this case, investigators from the Harris County Sheriff's Department will try to determine the circumstances leading to the abandonment and then discuss the case with the District Attorney's Office, a sheriff's department spokesperson said.
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