Saturday, February 23, 2013

Police Kept Children's Body Parts Without Parental Consent Even If Died By Natural Causes?

Strange, why would police also keep body parts of children who were not killed under suspicious circumstances? It seems this has been happening since the 1960's up to as recently as 2005. Why weren't the families told their family member was buried without all their body parts, such as brains? This has occurred in Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

Significant body parts from almost 90 children were kept by police often without informing parents, a BBC investigation has found. 
A national audit in 2012 found police forces had kept almost 500 body parts from cases dating back to the 1960s. 
In one, the brain of a child from Dorset was kept for 13 years. The mother was only told during a visit from police carrying out the audit. 
Dorset Police said it would not comment on individual cases. 
Dickon Hooper reports.

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