Thursday, February 28, 2013

Video:College Students Yell "Kill That Baby" In Make Believe Abortion Game

I came across this disturbing video today via the NY Post on twitter. I was not surprised to see the headline describing the video as "College Students Pretend They're Killing Fetuses", but disgusted enough to comment on it and share the lack of compassion some people have for the unborn. This is not your traditional "pin the tail on the donkey" game you'd see students play at a party, but something more disturbing that I hope doesn't become a trend. I hope this isn't the kind of respect for human life young college students are being taught these days?

Excerpted NY Post:

A controversial video shows how some Hunter College students have fun: by making believe they’re killing fetuses.
The video posted on You Tube shows students in the cafeteria reveling in a game called “Abortion Battles.”
The young men stuffed balloons under their shirts as if they were pregnant. Then they attacked each other with plastic knives as they pop the balloons.
“Kill that baby!,’’ students yell. “Just do it!”
Marco Rosales, who posted the video, wrote, “We were introduced to this epic game called `Abortion Battles.’ It’s somewhat unorthodox, but it’s really fun! Lol!.”
Abortion opponents were outraged.

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