Saturday, March 09, 2013

21 Students and Two Adults Mistake Sulfate Crystals For Candy

Yike, scary...a good time to remind your kids not to take any candy or food from strangers even if they tell you it's candy.

Jackson County Mississippi- The Sun Herald:

"Twenty-one students and two adults at St. Martin Upper Elementary School ingested aluminum potassium sulfate crystals Wednesday that were brought to school and passed out as candy by a student, officials said.

Jackson County Schools Assistant Superintendent Michael Van Winkle said after officials learned about the incident, parents were notified to pick up their children.

School officials are conducting an investigation to determine if disciplinary action will be taken, Van Winkle said.

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Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said the identities of the children and adults are not being released as the incident remains under investigation.

Poison control was contacted, and the children and adults are fine, Byrd said.

Parents said they believed the students may have been tricked into taking drugs disguised as candy due to recent media portrayals, said Lucas, who described the situation as a false alarm.

Sheriff's Department public information official Cherie Ward issued a press release with information circulating on Facebook about the condition of the children.

Van Winkle said school officials learned what was in the crystals after deputies went to the home of the student who passed them out.

According to, symptoms of ingesting the compound include gastrointestinal tract irritation, mild abdominal cramping and nausea, severe vomiting and dryness of the mouth and throat."

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