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Family Trying To Raise £1.2m To Save Their Infant Sons Life As He Gets Older

I pray they raise the money and a cure is found, even if it's not found in time to save baby Blake from this syndrome, hopefully it will save others. 

Blake might lose the ability to smile as he gets older
Blake might lose the ability to smile,walk&talk as he gets older

Daily Record:
 "Family try to raise £1.2m to find cure for rare condition that could kill their baby son

BLAKE MCMILLAN has been diagnosed with MeCP2 duplication syndrome, a condition that means that he may lose the ability to walk and talk as he grows older, and which results in half of sufferers dieing before the age of 25.

The illness means that even though he will learn to walk and talk, he’s likely to then lose the ability to do both as he grows older.
Blake, who loves nothing more than laughing with his three-year-old sister Faye as she pulls faces, may even forget how to smile.
Just 120 cases in 36 families have been reported worldwide since the genetic condition, which almost exclusively affects boys, was discovered in 2005.
Sufferers usually start having seizures from the age of five, which cause the brain to stop functioning properly."

Blake’s mum Jenny, 36, of Longforgan, Perthshire, said: “We’ve been told Blake is likely to gradually regress once the seizures start.
“It won’t all happen straight away, but he’s likely to lose most of his skills until he is like a small baby again.
“Thinking of what Blake is going to go through fills me with panic. The seizures could be so violent they give him a heart attack.
“Most of all, I’m scared of being robbed of my son.”

Paul and Jenny want to raise money to find a cure for a rare disease that could slowly rob them of their son

To donate to the family’s appeal, visit

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