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Muslim Family Allowed To Proselytize About Islam And A Pedophile In Indiana Public School

Another interesting story I came across today that exposes bias against Christians when it comes to teaching anything about religion in public schools. However, Muslims proselytizing Islam in a public school in Indiana appears to be ok, while Christianity and anything about the Christian faith is condemned. Sadly, what many don't know is that Mohammed was a false prophet and a pedophile. Yet in this politically correct world you are called a bigot or Islamaphobe if you expose the truth about Mohammed or the cult of Islam. What's even more disturbing is that the teaching of Islam is becoming acceptable in some public schools across the country under CSCOPE, otherwise known as Common Core, Obama's takeover of the education curriculum.

Mohammed Alharbi, his wife and three children distributed gifts to teachers at Dixie Bee Elementary School in Terre Haute, Indiana stirring up a firestorm of controversy. What was the problem with delivering a few gifts? The gift was a simple flower and an attached card or tag with one of eight possible quotes from the known pedophile and Muslim false prophet Mohammed.Muslim family's school visit prompts investigationThe message was said to be one of “peace and love.” In fact, the family was engaged in a national event organized by Muslims called “Mohammed is a Prophet of Mercy – Sharing the Language of Peace and Love.” The truth of that statement is questionable at best. In fact, when Freedom Outpost’s Jim Stachowiak contacted the school administration this morning and spoke to Julia, the receptionist, she informed him that she was told the family was merely handing out invitations to a birthday party. Calls to the corporation’s director of student services, Ray Azar, have gone unreturned. This seems like there is a coverup in play.The events that took place in cities across American used Facebook to organize.  According to the Facebook page, the group’s “About” section reads, “Objective of this Organization is to spread the truth of what Mohammed is, based on States of Mercy (May Allah be peace upon him and his family).”They go on to state in the description section:Mohammed…do you really know him?He’s the prophet of Islam and the Lord’s messenger. Mohammed is unique man that is driving humanity toward all the desired rights and passions to create the one perfect world. Mohammed, besides being the God messenger, was a brother, father, husband, neighbor, leader; he was perfect. Mohammed characteristics can be analyzed from different aspects. However, all of his actions were ruled by his great ethics. From there, his merciful was reflected on every move he made.Mohammed’s mercy was included inside his house and outside even he asked his followers to have mercy between them and upon others. Yet, some people try to cover their behaviors under fake rules attributed to Mohammed’s rules. Mohammed’s rules represent the true meaning of mercy and passion and this rules included all of us.Mohammed’s mercy took in account the relationship and behavior to all of the live being in our world. He put the foundations for all of us to be as perfect as he was toward our creator, our parents, our sisters and brothers, our wives and husbands, our neighbors and friends, our pets and most importantly how to treat people that we may have conflicts with them whether it’s differences in believes, thoughts or even just any regular day-type situation.Mohammed, Peace be upon him and his house holds, is a great knowledge tree and the key to harvest from that tree is to be as mercy as Mohammed is. Wither you want to adopt his beliefs or not, his mercy is a necessary factor to build your characteristic and your society. You want to include love, care, respect, kindness, help, honest, conviction and a lot more to your life. You can learn all of that from Mohammed’s ethics because “Mohammed is a mercy”.The message contained on the card presented to the teachers read:“Mohammed is a prophet of Mercy. Do not defame people, lest you make them your enemies.”
Questions arise when one reads this kind of description of Mohammed.If Mohammed is a Prophet of Mercy, then WHY, as per the Koran and the Hadiths and his Biography (by Ibn Ishaq) did he behead the innocent non-muslims simply for refusing to convert to Islam?Why did he rape and kill all those who were non-muslims (Sahih Muslim 8:3371)?Why did he behead hundreds of Jews in Saudi Arabia, including their young boys?Why did he take non-muslim females as sex slaves?Why did he rape, pillage and conquer and force his religion upon others?Why did he marry a 6-year old little girl and have sex with her when she was only 9 (Sahih Bukhari 67:88)? Does anyone really want the teachings of a known pedophile promoted anywhere in America?Is that Mercy? Or is that the Islamic non-western interpretation of Mercy? People, start reading and start educating yourselves. These books are available everywhere, they’re there for the taking.My friends these are not questions about what one believes today. These are questions that stem from historical facts and which Islamic apologists admit.The reports:The intent was to show respect and gratitude to America, said Alharbi, who is from Saudi Arabia. He is a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction at Indiana State University, and he has three daughters who attend Dixie Bee.The hope is that by extending that gesture of respect and gratitude, the American community “will accept us [Muslims] as part of the community,” he said.He also believed “it would be a great idea” to distribute the gifts to Dixie Bee teachers, and he received permission from Principal Mika Cassell a few days beforehand.According to the reports Alharbi had permission to place the gifts in a central location such as the lounge, where teachers could take them if they desired. However, the family decided not to follow what they were permitted to do and started distributing them from class to class.Alharbi said he didn’t know anything about the specifics of permission to leave only in a central location. “I followed the rules. Nothing wrong happened. No one could judge me for what I did.” Apparently there is some judgment taking place here and an investigation that will also take place.He and his wife didn’t take the flowers in, but they remained in the hall, as their daughters took the flowers to the door or into the classroom.The family is scheduled to return to Saudi Arabia next year.The report went on to state that the Indiana School Boards Association attorney said that if the gifts were given and not proselytizing or preaching they should be allowed.The ISBA attempted to say that you could not allow such things as Christmas cards and gifts to teachers which might have Bible verses and not allow other gifts of a similar nature.
Read more.... According to Freedom Fighter RadioRay Azar, the corporation’s director of student services told reporters Monday afternoon that an internal investigation is being launched at Dixie Bee Elementary, the K through 5 school three girls in that Muslim family attend. Azar said those girls and their father were properly approved to drop off cards, with a religious message, and a flower for each teacher at the school. But the family, according to Azar, was never supposed to venture beyond the school’s main office.  The school corporation vehemently denies any claim that it was endorsing a particular religion by allowing the school visit; rather, according to Azar, it was viewed as a lesson in history.
Not one school board member was willing to comment on the incident at Dixie Bee Elementary, and the topic did not come up at Monday evening’s school board meeting. (Source)
.On a related note, since Muslims were allowed to distribute Islamic literature, I suggest some local citizens pass out pamphlets on Islam
Even if the school won’t let you inside (demonstrating their double standards),
American citizens have every right to stand on public sidewalks to distribute materials (unless, of course, you try it in Dearborn, Michigan).
Call this school if you object to literature promoting a pedophile false prophet that was handled out:
 Dixie Bee Elementary
1655 East Jessica Drive
Terre Haute, IN 47802
Phone: (812) 462-4445
Fax: (812) 462-4447

Main number


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