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Nanny Schools: Middle school cancels honors ceremony to avoid hurt feelings

This story has been making the rounds this week and I thought I'd share it here and my two cents.  Unfortunately, this is the sad direction our countries schools are heading.  When they cancel an awards ceremony to protect the underachievers feelings you know that political correctness and common sense have gone out the window.

"Middle school cancels honors ceremony to avoid hurt feelings"
The persistent and staggering lack of sanity among public school administrators was on full display with the recent decision of a Massachusetts middle school principal concerning a traditional ceremony for honor students.

School1 Middle school cancels honors ceremony to avoid hurt feelings

David Fabrizio sent an email to parents informing them the Ipswich Middle School honors night will henceforth be open to a wide segment of the student population.

On the school website, he expanded on the change, calling the new program “an all-inclusive ceremonyduring the day in the presence of the entire student body.”

When leftists begin tossing around the word “inclusive,” one should recognize the sign to proceed with caution.

In a subsequent interview, Fabrizio said the school’s “best students were being honored exclusively” while “those who needed that motivation weren’t there.”

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure this man understands the definition of the word “motivation.”

Enjoying a night set aside for students and family to recognize curricular achievements fails to serve as a motivating factor if the entire school is now invited.

By the same token, this change is not doing those with lower grades any favors by minimizing the achievements of their peers.

Thankfully, many have lashed out against the ridiculous notion, though the principal shows no sign of backing down.
“This isn’t the dumbing down of America” or “everyone gets a trophy,” he said, indicating many individuals have sent him supportive emails.

I guess there’s no way to disprove him without access to his account; but even if the parents of all the school’s C- and D-students expressed fawning praise, does that mean his ridiculous plan suddenly have merit?


This is ridiculous and doesn't teach our kids that life is hard and unless they work hard they will not achieve higher goals and receive honors or awards. Students shouldn't be pandered to and coddled to protect their feelings from getting hurt. Either they make the grade and put the effort in to be honors students or they don't. Why deny those who worked hard and earned recognition the honor they deserve? How is this teaching students personal responsibility and motivating them to strive for success.

How do you feel about this?

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