Thursday, March 21, 2013

NJ Elementary Students Receive Threatening Chain Letter-Style Text Message

Students cross the street at Somerville Elementary School. (credit: CBS 2)
Students cross the street at Somerville Elementary School. (credit: CBS 2)

Parents need to make sure they are aware of who their children associate with and/or who they are trading their cell phone and personal info with when they are online or using any new technology. As I recently shared in How to Protect Kids from Violent Content Online, parents need to be involved and in some cases, depending on the child and how trustworthy and mature they are, children and teens need to be kept from cell phones with texting and internet abilities otherwise it is opening another door to harassment,  bullying, sexting and other risks.
CBS New York:
"“It said like ‘My name is Teddy, I have no face, I am dead.’ Then it said ‘If you don’t forward this to at least 12 people, I will come and kill you in the middle of the night,’” Kaczmarski told CBS 2′s Weijia Jiang.

The principal described the chain letter-style text as being “not sexual,” but “quite graphic” and “violent.”

“It was just like a scare tactic message that just creeped everyone out,” said Somerville Elementary parent Sandy Santangelo.

It was the second time in a week Board of Education officials alerted parents about fast-spreading, scandalous messages.

Last week, sexual pictures of Ridgewood High School students surfaced on the social media sites Snapchat and Instagram.

The principal said she hopes parents use the latest incident as a teachable moment to talk to their kids about how to handle suspicious messages that pop up on their phones.

Others said it’s the parents who have something to learn."


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