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Illegal Alien Murders AZ Mom For Denying Him Sex With Her 13-Year Old Daughter

Jose Zerate
Monsters among us: yet another illegal alien pedophile strikes
I came across this horrific story today of a recent violent crime which happened in Arizona on Monday night. Arizona borders Mexico and is known for having a problem with illegal immigrants crossing the border into the United States.

While the AP attempts to be politically correct and no longer wants to define illegal immigrants as 'illegal immigrants', they are overlooking the fact that these people are not only in the country illegally, but they are trespassing on US sovereign land and property and committing heinous crimes. Not all immigrants are criminals, but most illegal immigrants are committing crimes and the first crime they commit by coming here is violating our borders and immigration laws. How can we be expected to trust these people to be law abiding citizens if they won't even respect our laws??

Sadly, under President Obama this has become more common and routine as more illegals are coming here to seek refuge under Obama's deferred action plan policy or backdoor amnesty plan for those who are in the country illegally who claim to have been brought here through no fault of their own before they were 16 and are under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012.

In this case, according to reports Jose was in the country illegally and brought here before the age of 16,which means he could qualify for deferred action under Obama's plan and could easily try to claim citizenship under Obama's amnesty plan. However, now that he has committed a violent crime, he will likely be jailed in the US and kept indefinitely until he is convicted of murder and possibly given the death penalty in Arizona. Unfortunately, this means he will cost the taxpayers of Arizona in legal fees as well as incarceration fees.

If our borders were properly secured and our laws were properly enforced it is likely he would have never been able to commit such a horrible crime. Unfortunately, more crimes like this will continue to happen because the borders are not being secured and the Obama administration refuses to enforce our current laws. Recently the DHS/ICE released thousands of criminal illegal immigrants and blamed the sequester cuts, while they have since admitted the cuts could have been made elsewhere rather than releasing criminal illegals. Since the release in February, some have been rearrested, but others are still roaming our streets awaiting their chance to become citizens and/or commit the next violent crime.

As the President and others are pushing for open borders and amnesty, they are overlooking our current immigration laws and failing to enforce the laws to keep people like this pedophile and murderer out of our country.

via Stand With Arizona:

Illegal aliens are leaving a trail of victims from coast to coast – a massive crime wave that most Americans don’t know about – because the media typically plays it down. And so frequently the victims are children or involve children – thanks to a perverse Mexican culture that virtually ensures the victimization of the young.
There was one such a murder last night in Arizona. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Maricopa County Sheriff’s detectives are  are investigating the murder that happened late Monday night in Aquila, AZ, 45 miles Northwest of Phoenix.
Authorities say the suspect, 25-year-old Jose Zarate, went to 31-year-old Maria Saucedo’s home around 9:30 p.m. Zarate reportedly wanted to take Saucedo’s 13-year old daughter to his home, presumably for sex. When she refused, an argument ensued and Zarate pulled out a rifle and shot her in the chest at close range — in the presence of the teen.
According to MCSO, “One of several witnesses to the crime apparently disarmed Zarate before he fled the area on foot.”  When they arrived at the scene, deputies administered CPR on Saucedo, but she was later pronounced dead.
“How awful this is that a mother loses her life in the process of defending her daughter’s honor,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
On Wednesday, deputies arrested Zarate.  He was found at his home.
The Fox 10 Phoenix report of the crime showed the apparent effects of the Associated Press ban on the term “illegal immigrant” just 24 hours earlier. Fox 10 reported that: “Sheriff’s deputies say Zarate is a non-U.S. citizen who has been living in the country without proper authorization.”
In other words, an illegal alien invader. So why not just SAY that? We don’t want to “stigmatize” illegal alien pedophile murderers?
Zarate was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on the following charges: 2nd degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person (an illegal).
This was just the latest crime involving underage children by an illegal alien. 

If YOU stand with Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Joe and against illegal immigration and want to see the border secured, the rule of law upheld and amnesty for illegals stopped, then put your name where your heart is, and join the 170,000 who have signed the petition…

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