Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Christian Home School Family Loses Appeal,Faces Religious Persecution!

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals today denied asylum to the Romeikes - a family who fled to the U.S. from Germany seeking homeschool freedom. Read the press release. >>
Another story that the mainstream media has failed to cover...the story of this Christian home school family who came here as refugees from Germany because they were suffering religious persecution. They sought asylum in the US, because they were unable to home-school their children and teach Christian beliefs, and came here to have the freedom to do so.

However, thanks to the DOJ, they lost their appeal in the 6th Circuit Court today. Despite, a US immigration judge ruling in 2010 that the family did face persecution from the German government and granted the Romeike family political asylum. The family moved and settled in Tennessee.

The HSLDA, Home School Legal Defense Aid group founded by Michael Farris, will fight on and appeal this decision to the Supreme Court. Pray they are successful! If not the US is no longer land of the free and home of the brave, but the persecuted.
HSLDA,: "As you may have heard from HSLDA, this morning the Sixth Circuit ruled against the Romeike family. The essence of their opinion is that we will not grant asylum to victims of a nation where the entire nation is subjected to the same rules. 
This approach is wrong in two key ways. First, while compulsory attendance laws apply to all Germans, the German government openly says that the reason that they specifically target homeschoolers is because they want to repress religious and philosophical minorities. 
Even though we repeatedly brought these statements to the Court's attention, the opinion makes absolutely no mention of this dramatically important fact.
Second, the fact that the law is universal in character, is no excuse for a denial of human rights. The Court approved the government argument that even if prosecutions violate human rights standards, so long as the prosecution is equally administered to all, it is not a ground for asylum. 
We believe this approach dramatically curtails the value of freedom and individual rights. If every member of a nation is denied freedom of speech, and are thrown in jail or have their children removed for speaking out, our nation should give such people asylum.

The same thing should be true for religious freedom and parental rights. Even a nation denies every family parental rights and religious freedom--the United States of America should provide a safe have for those who escape from such repression.

We will fight on. First, we will ask the entire Sixth Circuit to review this three-judge panel's decision. If that is not successful, we will then appeal to the Supreme Court."

Obama's DOJ, under incompetent Eric Holder, has deemed that they are not eligible for refugee status and should be returned to Germany, despite them being told they could not teach Christian values to their children at home and home school them. In result, they risk losing custody of their children if they are returned to Germany!

They came to the US under asylum, to the land of the free, and now are being told they don't have the right to home school here because they are not eligible for refugee status. 

This is outrageous!! If you are unable to practice your faith and live your life in your home, by teaching your children at home, the values and morals you believe, then you are a victim of religious persecution!! If they are forced to return to Germany they could lose custody of their children!!

This is an outrage, as the Obama admin allows illegals, including terrorists, drug cartel and sex offenders into our country through porous borders!

Perhaps if the family came here illegally the DOJ would be fighting to protect their rights? But perhaps it's because they are Christian and they believe in the right to home school the Obama admin is going after them?? 

This is supposed to be America, where we have religious freedom and the right to home school our children without persecution. The Obama administration is once again showing how much they despise Christians and those who prefer smaller government because they see homeschooling as a threat to their Big Govt indoctrination agenda.

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