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5yro Interrogated by School Until He Wets His Pants… For Bringing Toy Cap Gun To School!

This really pisses me off! As a mother of two young sons who enjoy imaginative play with toy guns, cap guns, Nerf guns, squirt guns and even use their hands to form 'finger guns' and make shooting sounds with their mouths... this is insanity!

I feel horrible for this little boy and his family for what this school did to him! I would sue them and change schools or home-school if I couldn't find a school with more reasonable, common sense policies.
Thank God my sons school is not this petty, at least not yet!

They interrogated this little five year old boy for two hours, causing him to pee his pants either out of fear and/or because he was questioned for two hours without a bathroom break, for bringing an unloaded toy cap gun to school and showing it to a friend on the school bus! This is the definition of stupidity!! Last week another young boy was threatened with suspension from school for bringing a toy Lego gun the size of a quarter to school![see image below]

Patrick Timoney was nearly suspended from school for playing with this tiny toy gun. SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR DETAILS.
Patrick Timoney, 9, with plastic gun - barely 2 inches long - that nearly got him suspended after PS 52



"As reported by The Washington Post, "a kindergartner who brought a cowboy-style cap gun onto his Calvert County school bus was suspended for 10 days after showing a friend the orange-tipped toy, which he had tucked inside his backpack on his way to school"
The child was questioned for more than two hours before his mother was called, she said, adding that he uncharacteristically wet his pants during the episode. The boy is 5 -- "all bugs and frogs and cowboys," his mother said.
"I have no problem that he had a consequence to his behavior," said the mother, who asked that her name be withheld to protect her son's privacy.
"What I have a problem with is the severity," she said, and the way it was handled.
According to the story on The Daily Caller, the boy brought the gun to school "because his friend had brought a water gun the previous day. He later told his mother that he 'really, really' wanted his friend to see it."
So... the boy brings an orange-tipped, cap gun to school and gets suspended for 10 days and gets "questioned" by school officials for two hours. Two hours!
Schools have gone completely overboard. But get this... consider what would have happened to the little boy if the cap gun has actually been "loaded." The Washington Post reports that "it would have been deemed an explosive and police would have been called in." An explosive? Has everyone gone insane? Would they have sent in the bomb squad to "disarm" this device?
"The school was quite obviously taking it very seriously, and he's 5 years old," she said. "Why were we not immediately contacted?"
The family's attorney, Robin Ficker, said that the age of the child is important and that the incident could have been used as a teachable moment.
"Kids play cowboys and Indians," he said. "They play cops and robbers. You're talking about a little 5-year-old here."

These incidents are not the first and likely won't be the last of such stupidity in our schools, as there have been several other recent incidents similar to these over the past several months following the heinous Newtown school shooting. As the Obama administration started pushing for tougher gun control laws on law abiding citizens, schools became more and more inclined to enforce 'zero tolerance' policies which ban children from playing long time childhood games, like "cops and robbers'' or ''cowboys and Indians'', citing unsafe behavior, terrorism and other insane reasons to suspend and punish small children who posed no threat to others and were simply playing!!

Some anti-gun activists have even gone as far as pushing anti-toy gun campaigns, imposing their beliefs on others. This should be a parental decision, in which parents and schools should use their own discretion, but also common sense and use these moments as teachable moments to teach safety rather than instill fear in children.

Where has the common sense gone in our schools and country when children are being punished for being children??!

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