Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pray for 4yro Tamerra Harper, shot in her bed by cowards on the run in AL

Think Obama and Al Sharpton will be speaking out against this crime? Or is Trayvon more important than Tamerra Harper and the dozens of other victims of crime?? Why did they incite racial tensions in America over a case they knew little about and police and the original prosecutor said had little evidence to convict Zimmerman?? Because they would rather use the Trayvon Martin case to incite racial tension in our country and make gun owners the aggressors.

They have an agenda to divide and conquer and by splitting the country on these issues they create more hostility and division. They want to go after our right to self defense and the right to carry a concealed weapon for self defense and the Trayvon Martin case will set a dangerous precedent if Zimmerman is convicted. It will tell people that carrying a weapon for self defense is considered hostile and makes you the aggressor, never-mind the fact that Trayvon could have kept walking and made it home if he was in such fear for his life because he thought some "creepy a$$ white cracker" was following him.

In this case we don't know much about the victim or the intended target or the accomplices but I'm sure the media will keep it hidden as long as it's another case of black on black crime, like in Chicago daily. If it doesn't fit their race baiting agenda then they can't apply it to their anti-gun agenda in the same way.

Pray for Tamerra Harper and that she has a full recovery as police hunt down the people responsible for this cowardly crime.

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- At least one shooter fired several times into a home in the area of 7th Street at 31st Avenue in west Tuscaloosa and instead of shooting their intended victim, hit a sleeping 4-year-old with two bullets Friday night, according to the Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit.  
Sgt. Dale Phillips, the unit's commander, said Tamerra Harper was found alive but badly injured and was taken to Children's Hospital in Birmingham for treatment. Phillips said she remains there in critical but stable condition.The investigation is still in progress, but Phillips said the unit is under the impression that shooting into the home was intentional, but the little girl was not the target Friday night. No arrests have been made at this time.
The shooting took place less than 12 hours after a 71-year-old man was shot and killed a few miles away.

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