Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspirational, Must See Video of Islamist Turned Christian Evangelist Admits Islam Teaches Hate

I came across this Christian conversion story and felt really inspired by it. I want to believe there is hope for other followers of Islam and that they will be inspired by Umar and find the one true God.  Umar admits he was one of the followers of Islam who hated Israel and Christians until after having not one, but two dreams in which Christ appeared, after that he decided to convert to Christianity.
Umar even cites a verse in the Koran that encourages followers of Islam to kill and fight non-Muslims. Umar admits that Islam teaches world wide domination. He says Islam is not peaceful and those who say there are "some radicals" are not being practical, "because they read what they read from the Koran. If they are not killing ambassadors they will burn houses and everything. He says the Western world has compromised and Islam is eating the West because they are sweet talking about what is happening." Essentially denying what Islam really is about, ruling the world as one religion, the West is living in denial of the dangers of Islam by putting our heads in the sand. Watch the video and be inspired.

JERUSALEM, Israel -- Umar Mulinde was a Muslim who hated Israel until Jesus appeared to him in a dream. After that, he became a Christian and started a church in Uganda.
But his new found faith cost him.
On Christmas Eve 2011, Mulinde, now a pastor, was attacked by two Muslims with buckets of acid. The acid ate away his skin, his eye, and his ear. 
"I felt fire from up to down to my toes and I was like, 'Something's cooking me,'" he recalled about the attack. "And they shouted, 'Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar' three times. I realized I have fallen into the ambush of Muslim terrorists."
Mulinde now wears a special pressure mask to aid the healing process.
"My conversion from Islam and my love and promotion of the love of Israel in my community taught the people on the other side to haunt me and to hunt me for a kill," he said.
In a recent interview with CBN News, Mulinde gave the account of his conversion to Christianity, the details of the attack on him, the lessons he has learned, his forgiveness of those who attacked him, and his message to the West. Click play to watch his remarkable testimony.

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