Monday, November 18, 2013

Disgusting!! Website Selling Little Girl Sex Doll Sparks Outrage


This is disgusting....why would anyone want to buy a toy doll to have sex with in the first place?? But a child size doll...that's even more is promoting pedophilia, human sex trafficking and feeding into the twisted minds of people that prey on women and children. I hope this product is removed now that the item has been brought to the world's attention. Hopefully there are more decent people than perverts willing to buy such an item.

Pat Dollard:
"Excerpted from Opposing Views: A Chinese website is selling child-sized sex dolls costing about $180 and has shipped several to customers in the US.

The website DHgate is under fire for offering a sex doll described as “beautiful young girl sex doll for men.”

The product listing says the doll is very flexible and “all three holes can be used.”

The human rights groups Dining with Dignity says the sex doll promotes “human sex trafficking, pedophilia, violent rape, and more.”

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