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Tragedy:TX Hospital Agrees to Let Unborn Child Die With Pregnant Mother

Such a tragedy and sad end to this story. While reports now say the baby was not "viable'' and was deformed likely led to the reason the judge may have decided in favor of the husband, I find it hard to imagine any mom and reasonable person would not want to let time take its course and let the baby live. Doctors have been wrong before about abnormalities with the fetus and children have gone on to live full and healthy lives. In another example, here is a page dedicated to children born with Hydranencephaly,born without a brain, who are alive and loved today:

It's sad that even before this 'non viable' diagnosis was given the family still didn't care and wanted to take her off of life support, claiming the mother would never have wanted to be kept on life support. However, did anyone ever ask her if she were pregnant if she would want to be kept on life support to try and save her baby?? I'm sure if she had considered this possibility before ever making the statement she would have wanted to save her baby. I can't imagine a family that wanted nothing to do with the baby and made no effort to try and save the baby. Even if the prognosis was right, who wouldn't want to at least have a chance to hold the baby and kiss them goodbye before their short lived life ended? The baby was 22 weeks and was two weeks short of being medically identified as "viable".  What was the harm in waiting two more weeks!?? May God save their souls and the mother and child RIP.

Tragic: Texas Hospital Takes Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman Off Ventilator

Munoz was 14 weeks pregnant with the couple’s second child when her husband found her unconscious on their kitchen floor November 26. Though doctors had pronounced her brain dead and her family had said she did not want to have machines keep her body alive, officials at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth had said state law required them to maintain life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient.
Sunday’s announcement came two days after a judge in Fort Worth ordered the hospital to remove any artificial means of life support from Munoz by 5 p.m. Monday. Earlier Sunday, the hospital said it intended to comply with that order.
“The past eight weeks have been difficult for the Munoz family, the caregivers and the entire Tarrant County community, which found itself involved in a sad situation,” a hospital statement said. “JPS Health Network has followed what we believed were the demands of a state statute.”

The hospital acknowledged Friday that Munoz, 33, had been brain dead since November 28 and that the fetus she carried was not viable. Her husband, Erick Munoz, had argued that sustaining her body artificially amounted to “the cruel and obscene mutilation of a deceased body” against her wishes and those of her family.
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