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Happy Father's Day To My Dad,My Hero

In Honor of My Dad and all the Father's this Father's Day, may God continue to bless you and your families. For those whose father's have passed, like mine, may your memories be cherished by you and your loved ones and never forgotten.

I wrote this for my dad and read this during the eulogy at his funeral this past October:

May 1993 My UA Graduation
My Dad, My Hero! 
RIP Dad 7/13/22-10/11/13

At 12:30 am October 11, 2013 my dad left this world on his final journey, to Heaven.

It was a cool, fall day when we last saw him…. the skies were cloudy&dark…but that dark cloud has been lifted and today my dad is at peace. The dark cloud of suffering that had been following him for the last several months has finally cleared. Today we honor his memory and rejoice knowing that he suffers no longer, we remember his love for life and his love for family and friends.

Anyone who knew my dad would never forget him…He is unforgettable. It is my belief that those who knew him came to love him. Today we celebrate his life of 91yrs and his entry into everlasting life in Heaven with Our Heavenly Father.

Today we also mourn for we will miss him, but we rejoice because we will never forget him. He will live on in eternity and through each of us in our hearts and minds. He was the kind of man you don’t forget, whether you knew him many years or first encountered him. He was a strong willed man, fighting for life to the very end. He was sometimes blunt, yet had a heart of gold.

Being the middle child and third daughter of six children, I always liked to think of myself as “daddy’s girl” because I was born near Father’s Day and we often celebrated both my birthday and Father’s Day together. I like to believe I was a gift to my dad and hope that I brought him much joy throughout his life. I know I made him angry at times, but that anger was his way of showing how much he loved me. Like any child, I may not have always done things that pleased my dad, but I tried to do better when I did disappoint him.

I always thought my dad was the smartest person in the world because he always knew the answers to everything. Even to this day I thought my dad knew a lot, he knew a lot about history and could tell you the answer to just about anything, he was like a walking encyclopedia at times, he survived and lived through a lot as well. He served our country in WWII with The Flying Tigers and saw our country struggle and survive through the Depression era, the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well as the current wars

My father was always there to encourage me, by reminding me to "take one day at a time", because time goes by so quickly and before I knew it I would be looking back wishing I had enjoyed life more fully. He emphasized to all of us the importance of education, encouraging all of us to obtain higher degrees following high school.

My father always tried his best to be a great role model for all of us.

My dad taught us the value of spending time with family and taking at least one yearly family vacation. Despite our limited income, my dad always made sure we went on a fun summer vacation to either Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo and Knottsberry Farm, the beach or across the country to Florida to see the alligators, and New Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York to visit family who lived on the east coast.

Finally, I am most thankful to my dad for raising me as a Catholic. Even though there were days and times of struggle and rebellion getting us to church, all of us appreciate his efforts today. I believe having this faith and guidance has helped mold me into a well-rounded adult who loves others, respects others, treats others fairly and will always follow the ways of Jesus Christ. And because of him, we have been given the gift of hope and faith!

Thanks to my dad, and my mom of course, I have been taught these lessons about life and I can now truly appreciate my upbringing, while I hope to raise my sons the same way.

Thank you Dad for all the good things you have done for our family and have taught us about life!

Farewell to the best Dad a daughter could have and an honorable man! My dad, my hero!

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