Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Dumping children in daycare"

"Dumping children in daycare"
 Rather than make individual responses to the many comments on the 4th Trimester post, I thought I would respond in blog form. When I used the word DUMPING, I clearly pushed some very sensitive buttons.

Hold on, I am going to push that button again.

If you were able to ask infants their preference of (a) stay home with Mom or Dad, or (b) go to day-care, what do you think they would say? Infants need to bond with their parents, and more importantly, parents need to bond with their baby.
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What are your thought and opinions on this article?
I feel we all have our reasons for staying home or working out of the home. As a sahm and wahm I realize we all need a sanity break especially if we have little ones at home. I think it is great if you can find someone or some place you can trust with your child a couple hours a day or week. I know that although I love my son dearly there are some days that I could really use a couple hours of me time during the middle of the day, but we don't know anyone we can trust who lives near us willing to take care of him or able to take care of I'm on my own.
However, as a sahm/wahm I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy being home with my son and seeing his smile and silly antics. I'd much rather have him at home than in daycare and I feel blessed to be able to stay at home with him.

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