Monday, June 26, 2006

Join now free and low cost business opportunities!

Looking for a work at home job that doesn't charge you an arm
and a leg to join?

I inivite you to join my team with any of these free startup companies:
Purple Hippo sales themed party supplies for children, as well as stuffed animal kits, costumes,
party accessories, cake kits, edible sand art, party in a bag kits and packages, children's birthday t-shirts, gift cans, care packages, games to entertain your children, fundraisers and more! 
Appleberry Market  carries a selection of Country decor, Prims, Gourmet mixes, Candles, Gifts,and so much more!
Bargain Diva offers discount cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, accessories, and freebies with every order.
StuffaFriend offers stuffed animal kits, clothing and accessories for your stuffed friends, new teddy bear spa kits, FUNdraisers, dolls kits, sound chips and more!
Types of Product:
Start Up Cost: There is a no startup with the Purple Hippo, none with Appleberry Market and none with The Bargain Diva or StuffaFriend!
What you receive with Start Up:Each Opportunity offers a free rep website, banners and buttons, online email support and yahoogroup support for reps.
Website Cost if any: There is no fee for the rep sites.
Commission Structure: receive 30% on all direct sales and 10% from all sales in your downline with Purple Hippo and SAF. Appleberry Market pays 20% and 3% on your downline. Bargain Diva pays 25% and 5% on your downline commissions.
Sales Requirement if Any: There is no minimum sales requirement to remain a rep for any of the above Opportunities. Purple Hippo may require a single purchase every quarter to remain active and receive any downline commissions.
Advertising Restrictions if any: No spam restrictions apply with all Opportunities, other than that you may add products to your personal site and offer products for sale via your rep site or pay pal with discounts.
  New Business Launching July 2006!  Sign up for only $10!
Sign up under me and be part of the best team!
The Natural $cents Team is one of the best!

Marlo Quinn Consultant Program-sale homemade soy candles, bath and body lotions for women, men and babies.

The Marlo Quinn consultant program pays a 25% commission on any purchases made from your referral link. Each consultant will be given their own Marlo Quinn website and assigned a consultant ID.  We will provide you with free banners and buttons that you may use to advertise. Consultants are free to use any form of advertising, websites, blogs, PPC, whatever you choose. The only stipulation is advertising may only be placed on family friendly sites, and all banners or buttons (if not using the ones provided by Marlo Quinn) must be pre-approved.

No Quotas or Minimums, No Inventory!

Marlo Quinn will also reward you on any consultant that signs up under you (first level only). Consultants will be paid 5% commissions of any sales made by their downline. And if anyone that is in your downline ever leaves the program, then their downline rolls to you!

The Residual Income Opportunity

Click here to join the Natural $cents Team Now:
Let me know if you are interested in any of these opportunities so I can get you signed up today! 


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