Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kids Safe Internet Browser- F*R*E*E!

Dear Parents,

While I have been busy raising my 3.5 year old and now 8 mos old sons, I recently learned about a new program to protect our kids online! I am so excited about this program that I just had to share it with as many people as I could.

You may be aware that the increase of online pornography has made national news. Reports show that porn sites have grown from 14 million to over 400 million pages in the last 5 years. This leaves families feeling uncertain about allowing their children and grandchildren access to the Internet.

I would like to introduce you and your family to a simple, easy Internet solution, which will provide fun, safe tools to protect your children and grandchildren as they surf the Internet in a Christian-themed environment.

Noah's Net a kid safe browser, will allow your children and grandchildren access to games, homework sites, and other educational content in a safe and secure environment. They also offer other browser themes, such as Mindstein Travels and the Tuki Freedom Browser!

30% of ALL Sales
of The TUKI Freedom Browser Will Be Donated To The
Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund to Support Military Families!

For a limited time, Children's Educational Network is offering this F*R*E*E Kid Safe Software

To Claim Your F*R*E*E Kid Safe Software Click Here

If You Serve or Have Served in the Armed Forces in ANY Capacity, YOUR TUKI Freedom Browser is FREE!

Patricia, owner Little Bytes Newsletter

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P.S. You will find this software is easy to install and it works with other filters, so even if you think your kids are protected you should still check it out because of its great educational aspects.

P.S.S .

To learn more about this GREAT software watch this video!


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