Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Options For Introducing Healthy Meals Into Your Little Ones' Diet

I've had a busy week. I apologize that last weeks newsletter never made it out. This weeks newsletter should be out on Friday! Don't forget to check out MamasTimeOut© this Sunday to learn "How to Raise a Reader."

I hope you are all doing well. My oldest son has come down with severe seasonal allergies this year. So he is on about four different medications right now and has been pretty miserable with coughing most of the night, gagging during the day and overall uncomfortable.

At first we thought he had a cold, but it turns out he has developed allergies. Poor guy...I nor my husband ever suffered seasonal allergies like this. I get sinus infections at least two times a year now that I'm older. I am hoping my son won't have to suffer too much longer and the medications he's taking will help.

A few new articles have been added to the main site recently. Please stop by and check them out under our parenting articles or on the main page for the most recent articles. Below is part of a recent article, which I hope you find useful to introduce healthier meals into your children's diet. I know this has always been a big challenge for us with our oldest. Hopefully these ideas will help you!

Options For Introducing Healthy Meals Into Your Little Ones' Diet
Almost everyone may remember when classroom bulletin boards displayed the food pyramid. The pyramid – there was only one. One size fit all. Everyone needed to subscribe to the same nutritional guidelines. Everyone was told to merely glance at the pyramid to figure out how many servings were needed each day.

Almost all would agree that it is a good thing that obsolete food pyramid has gone by the wayside! It may have taken a while, but the idea that not all people require the same food intake finally caught on. Nor are children expected to follow the same nutritional guidelines as the adults.

Read more of this article here and get your 13 week lunch and breakfast menu just for kids!

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