Sunday, April 06, 2008

Meet Robin Newman @ MamsTimeOut© Sunday April 6, 2008-"Life as A Multitasking 40 Something Mom"

Are you a 40 Something or even a 30 something multitasking mom?
Robin is co-founder of Motherhood Later…Than Sooner is the only on and offline community in the U.S. for 35+ moms with young children. Robin became a mom at 42, and her son Seth is now almost 5. She has been married to her Mr. Right Mensch for 15 years, and is the author of How to Marry a Mensch (decent person) and works from home as a writer, speaker and Love Coach, offering strategic socializing advice to singles.

You'll want to join Robin live on MamasTimeOut© Support Show for moms as we discuss "Life as a 40 Something Multitasking Mom." Like me, Robin is considered an older mom. During our pregnancies the doctors labeled us with the term "advanced maternal age". While I never thought I would become a mom until I reached my 30's; I am glad I did become a mom when I was more prepared to be a mother and was in a stable relationship.

Becoming a mother later in life is more common now days, as many women, especially well-known actresses are choosing to adopt or have children later in life. Many women have taken the career comes first approach in life so that should something happen to their spouse or marriage (with the divorce rate exceeding 50% these days) they have something to fall back on.

I have friends who have also taken this route because they haven't found their "Mr. Right" yet. If you are one of these women, let Robin help you out as your "love coach''. Robin will discuss some of her coaching experience, as well as offer our listeners a special discount on her services!

So tune in! If you can't listen live and call in, be sure to listen to our archives after the show. You can listen here on our player for two weeks following the show. Once again, Join us for some MamasTimeOut© at http:// call in number is (646) 595-4516

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