Sunday, May 18, 2008

Help support the War on Abuse-Listen in to Petra Luna and Li'l Deb to talk about April's Law

Petra Luna, Leading the War Against Abuse,

and Li'l Deb of April's Law fight the war against online and offline pedophiles.

Make sure you listen in to MamasTimeOut© to hear how you can get involved in the "Million Survivor March" and help pass "April's Law" against child abuse to help ban pedophile websites from the Internet. Help protect your children and listen in. Become an advocate and Join the fight today.


Named after a victim whose perpetrator stalked children over the Internet after being inspired by legal sites that encourage pedophiles to have sex with children.

Our Cause

This new law will make all web sites that promote paedophilia and display children or child like sexual images on the Internet ILLEGAL. These sites only promote crimes against children! "lil" Deb general has asked if anyone who is a SURVIVERS OF CHILD RAPE OR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE ON THE INTERNET , would be willing to share their testimony for this campaign ? If you are or know anyone who would please contact Lil Deb general on April Laws page. Or email her at
  1. Who is April and why do you want a law called April's Law passed?
  2. What will April's Law do to help prevent child abuse?
  3. How can parents help protect their children from online and offline pedophiles?
  4. How many children per year are victims of child sexual abuse?
Here is a list of some of the Recommended Sites you can use to get involved and share on your sites. Join the War on Abuse!

Aprils Law.

To make web sites that promote sex crimes against children illegal (the P.Luna Foundation is approved for these legislative activities by the IRS)

For more information please contact Petra Luna or Li'l Deb to get involved and help raise funds or awareness. They are seeking a number of people to help develop funding to create a course for children in schools, daycares, online, and law enforcement.

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