Monday, May 12, 2008

How Was Your Mother's Day weekend?

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On Saturday we basically spent most of the day at home, while our house was still getting worked on. But we did have a nice family walk to the area park and enjoyed some frisbee, the swings, a little kickball, and the kids enjoyed a wagon ride.

My Mother's Day was spent partially at home doing some online work, while our house was still getting work done. (We now hope that all the painting and tile work will be completed no later than the end of this month.) Later in the day we went to visit my mom and family to celebrate with a Mother's Day BBQ, hosted by my youngest sister and brother in-law. We had a great time and it was nice to get together with family again.

Today, I am exhausted from the fun and the trip so my boys have been taking it easy while my poor husband had to get back to work.

I hope to hear your Mother's Day 2008 weekend stories and I hope your Mother's Day was spent doing something you enjoy with the ones you love.

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