Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Memorial Tribute to My Long Lost Best Friend

My best friend of many years has passed away. Sadly, I didn't hear of the news until two weeks after her passing and three days after her funeral services. I am deeply saddened to hear about this and can hardly believe it is real. I wish I could have attended the funeral services and been more a part of her life the last seven or eight years after she moved from AZ, but our lives lead us in different directions.
To think someone I knew and grew up with like a sister is no longer here on Earth to see or share my family or thoughts with. I met Chrissy when my family first moved to SV, AZ in 1978. We went to fifth-eighth grades together. Then she moved away for a couple years during high school. Her family returned in 1985, our Junior year, when Chrissy and I reconnected like old friends again. We never lost touch during the time she moved away. We shared and exchanged letters those two years or however long it might have been at the time. We even bought each other our first box of feminine products. Something we were both looking forward to sharing the news about with each other when we both reached our "official coming of age". We laughed and shared many great times and moments. We struggled and cried at times as well during some trials and tribulations that arose during our rebellious teen years. Through it all we always remained good friends and were determined to be "blood sisters" and best friends forever. I recall we had plans of someday getting an apartment together after high school.
Unfortunately, this plan never happened because I stayed at home to attend community college, while dating "Mr. Wrong" for too many years, and Chrissy moved away to attend college and join the National Guard. Then she married and had her daughter Brittany. I was so proud to see Chrissy as a mom and visit her to spend time with her little girl those first couple years when we were both finally living in Tucson, AZ. I'm so sorry her marriage didn't work out and that she ended up moving out of state, dating the wrong men, and befalling more bad luck by having a work injury that would result in her medical disorder (RSD/CRPS Type II-reflexive sympathetic dystrophy). As a result, we ended up losing touch for awhile.
I strived to keep in touch with Chrissy despite our distances, but unfortunately neither of us were able to see each other after a couple failed attempts. I finally found the nerve to call her parents a couple years ago and finally spoke with Chrissy again after almost five or six years. I had really hoped we were finally going to reconnect and stay in touch more and maybe even see each other again. I had hoped to hear from her about attending our 20 year reunion this past year, since we spoke about it and Chrissy sounded hopeful about going. However, I believe due to her disorder and poor health she was too tired or ill feeling to really keep up with anyone or too proud to allow anyone to see her in this condition. Consequently, neither of us ended up going.
Chrissy loved her daughter immensely, but could no longer find the strength and energy to care for her after suffering from an injury while working. This injury, according to Chrissy, lead her to require loads of pain medications to control the pain she was constantly enduring. It is believed improper medical care for her injury lead to the disorder she suffered. During the last six or seven years Chrissy suffered much pain and could no longer work, could barely or rarely travel or walk long distances. However, in talking to her mom, Chrissy never lost her sense of humor or energetic spirit. These are two of the main qualities about Chrissy that I will never forget and will always admire about her. I wish I could have more of her energy, determination and vitality. It was so sad to hear that she had this accident and then developed this disease, but now to here she is no longer here on Earth with us, I am deeply heartbroken. Chrissy will always be like a sister to me and a best friend I will never forget.
Chrissy was one of the best friends I ever knew. I will always keep her laugh, smile, and memories in my heart and mind.  May God Bless Chrissy and her family during this time of mourning and may her energetic spirit live through all that she knew and loved. Chrissy you are deeply missed! Bye for now my dear friend, until we meet again!
In memory of my long lost best friend forever!

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