Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthdays and MIL

Just stopping by to say hi to everyone. It's been a busy week and weekend. My in-laws finally left Tuesday after a nearly three week visit! It was getting to me after the first week, but by the last week my MIL and I were starting to really have some difference of opinions. I had to keep reminding her if I wanted her unsolicited advice I'd ask for it, but that I didn't care for her tips on how to raise my kids or clean my house and when I should do this or how I should do that! What is it with some MIL's?

We celebrated our son's 4th Birthday on Saturday with family and friends at Chuck E Cheese. It was a nice event and plenty of fun for everyone. The only thing I would have preferred is not feeling rushed to move out of the reserved table area before the next party was to start. Other than that everything went well and the service and food was good. We earned over 1500 tickets for prizes so my son was able to get a decent prize from our efforts at the games as well!

However, next time we host a party that size I'm putting up name cards for everyone to sit so we don't have people playing musical chairs. It sounds silly now, but it looks like I need to do this to avoid any possible controversy in the future. I did not expect my MIL to get upset when I asked her to move down one seat, as she seemed content sitting next to her son, but apparently having a seat where there was a tablecloth meant more to her.

So thankfully life is going to get somewhat back to normal, despite still having to finish some remodeling and moving items back into their places after our plumbing disaster last month. Last night we had a small family get together with my sister to celebrate our son's official 4th birthday. Other than that, we are looking forward to having our time to ourselves again and our house back to ourselves again. What are your thoughts on MIL's?

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