Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth of July 2008

fireworks photo by
The Rockets Red Glare, Flames Bursting In Air...

I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant 4th of July weekend with your friends and family nearby.

We spent a quiet night at home with the kids, listening to nearby fireworks shot off by our neighbors and watching the Capitol 4th of July Show, along with the Macy's Independence Day shows on television.

I realize it wasn't the most exciting thing we could have done for the 4th of July, but neither of us felt like dealing with the crowds of traffic and the monsoon storm we had in the nearby distance. The storm showed up and did cause a delay in the city fireworks show, but the show did go on around 10pm, after the rains cleared up and the lightening vanished.

Both of the shows on tv had enough entertainment to keep my toddler and I dancing around the living room, while my husband and oldest son enjoyed watching the fireworks on tv and the sounds of the nearby fireworks shooting into the air.

No matter how you celebrated, I hope you had a safe and happy holiday weekend as we celebrated our country's independence and freedom.

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