Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MamasTimeOut© Breastfeeding Resources

I apologize for not getting this out last week. It seems I overlooked posting these from our last show.

I am still working on getting into the routine again since having my in-laws in town a few weeks and now having to do it all again without the extra hands and eyes...

Once again, I will try and reschedule the interview with Melissa Nagin, Certified Lactation Consultant, who was scheduled to talk on our last show. There was a mix-up in the timezones so we missed one another. Hopefully it won't happen again, along with some of the technical problems I had in the beginning of the show.

Thanks again to all our listeners and those who have marked us a favorite on Thanks to you, MamasTimeOut© is now one of the "Popular" shows on the Flylady Station.

Listed below are several of the resource sites I mentioned on the show to find and get nursing support and information.

Recommended Sites:


Breast Feeding Tips – Breastfeeding Help – Breast Feeding Education

Breastfeeding Articles by Dr. Jack Newman - Breastfeeding Online

LLLI | Store :: Notes from Induced Lactation and Adoptive Nursing
Mother, Baby, Doula, Postpartum, Labor Support, Breastfeeding ...

HWI: Toolkits: Lactation Support Program | DNPAO | CDC

Support Healthy Milk in Nursing Dogs & Cats While Breastfeeding ...

Nursing Bra | Nursing Gowns | Breast Pumps | Baby Scales

The #1 site for Breastfeeding Information, Support & Attitude!

If you have any favorites to share please share them in the comments.

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