Friday, July 25, 2008

Positive Parenting Resources

This past Sunday, I shared several sites and resources on positive parenting during the MamasTimeOut© show.  

Positive Parenting includes parenting with discipline. Discipline involves teaching with consistency, rules and consequences, but not physical punishment. Educators are expected to use this form of discipline in the classroom.

Some examples of positive discipline include:
  • rewards system
  • taking away privileges
  • using time-out consistently and appropriate for age level (ie: 1 min per age under 5)
What positive discipline does not include:
  • spanking, physical punishment
  • yelling, demeaning a child
  • emotional abuse
For more ideas click here:

What does good discipline look like?

Why is positive discipline important?

What kind of discipline is prohibited in child care?

Below is a list of more top sites I came across which parents might find useful.

Recommended Sites:

Mental Health America: Positive Parenting


Positive Parenting with John Gray

Parenting Your ADD ADHD Child - Positive Parentingfor ADD

Impact of Music Therapy to Promote Positive Parenting

Welcome to

Preschoolers (3-5 years old), Child Development - NCBDDD

Positive Parenting at Natural Family Online magazine


Power of Positive Parenting— Free Online Course Materials


Positive Parenting Through Divorce


Infants (0-1 year old), Child Development - NCBDDD


Positive parenting: Discover a range of materials that promote


Positive Parenting


Positive Parenting


Positive Parenting


Child Welfare League of America: Child, Youth & Family

Positive Parenting

The Art of Positive Parenting- Action for Children

Positive Parenting Radio Show: Daddycast Podcast

Young Positive Pregnancy/Parenting Online

Positive Discipline

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