Thursday, July 10, 2008

That's Bingzy, Author and Former Teachers Share Insight on Building Children's Self Esteem

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with former elementary teachers, Arlene Richards and "The Schoolmarm", Mary Taylor, on the MamasTimeOut© show about ways to build children's self esteem.
Today, after teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District for more than 45 years, Ms. Richards has developed an array of inspirational and educational products for children. She has been voted Teacher of the Year as well as nominated Outstanding Teacher of America for these creative materials. In this next chapter in her career, she plans to reach beyond the children of Los Angeles with her "can do" approach to teaching. Richards offers That’s Bingzy! Busy Building Self-Esteem to help children ages 3-7 realize their potential through positive rhymes and colorful images. Focusing on the words Strong, Powerful, Healthy, Loving, Harmonious, Creative, Successful, and Happy, That’s Bingzy! will help start children believing in themselves while building in them the notion that if they continue to try, their dreams can become reality. Mary Ward Taylor received her masters degree in Learning Handicapped from Pepperdine University. Over her long career she received accolades as a special day class teacher in the inner city of Los Angeles, a teacher at one of eight LAUSD Diagnostic Learning Centers, and as a Resource Specialist Teacher at Paseo del Rey Magnet School. She contributed to the Science lab at Paseo del Rey by painting a panoramic mural of the nearby Ballona wetlands and many of the birds who live there. She often shared her music, sense of humor, and art skills with the general education students as well as her own students. She was honored for her work by the Westchester Chamber of Commerce as an Outstanding Teacher of the Year. She has one son, Timothy Taylor, who is a bilingual School Psychologist with LAUSD.

Their website features Bingzy, a cartoon-like bee character, that guides children through their journey to build self-esteem.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • Your book, That’s Bingzy! is about building self-esteem. Why is this so important?
  • What can parents do at home to reinforce the building of a positive self-image?
  • What changes did you see in your students when this approach was used?
If you are seeking new resources and ideas to increase your children's self-esteem and get them ready for the coming school year, make sure you visit for some child friendly activities. In addition, check out the following resources:

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Nice review. We are in LAUSD. 45 years is a long time with the district.

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