Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To Work or Stay at Home--Moms are Torn Between The Two

to work or stay at home

According to a recent study by Disney's new parenting site in the UK, many working moms find it hard to balance life at home with their professional lives.

The research showed that 62% of mothers of children under seven who work full hours or part-time would prefer to leave their jobs. 84% of parents admitted to being ‘physically worn out’, while 68% reported feeling ‘exhausted’ and ‘emotionally drained’.

Eight out of 10 mothers said they had very little time for themselves, sometimes less than an hour a day, while 57% of the parent who were part of the new research said they did not seem to have enough time during a day to have what would constitute normal family life.

I can understand working moms wanting to spend more time with their children and being caught between that choice and contributing to the family income. I chose four years ago to become a stay at home mom after our first son was born. I am enjoying the benefits of staying at home with my children and working part-time from home in order to keep my personal needs/desires met and to be here for my children as they grow up.

However, the balance is still hard to keep. Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, you still never have enough hours in the day to give to yourself or your family. I find myself up late at night trying to have 'me' time and work at home. During the day I try to do some online networking with other moms, while caring for my kids and household. Of course something always gets neglected and that is usually the household chores or me.

While I believe our focus should always be on our children, it is also important for moms to achieve their dreams and find time for themselves. I like to call my personal time, "mamas time out". This desire has driven me to start a site and support call in show for moms to share parenting/motherhood experiences while getting support from one another and featured experts. You can learn more about MamasTimeOut© at What are your thoughts? "A mother's work is never done." ☺

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At the end of the day, all moms are "working moms" and as a result, we all manage the day-to-day balancing act between priorities. Thanks for the great post!

Thanks for stopping by Michele. We are all working moms and we are all balancing life and family in pursuit of happiness...hope to see you back soon ☺

I like your initiative, Patty, to start

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