Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School Safety Tips Part #2

by schroder4john
Here are a few more things to do and think about as we get ready to send our kids back to School.
  1. When purchasing clothing and back-packs, make sure you put their names on the inside of the garment. That way a stranger won't appear familiar to your child by calling out their name.
  2. Remind your kids not to drink from other kids metal water bottle. This will protect them from everything from colds and flu to meningitis.
  3. Remember re: water bottles: metal is in, plastic is out, and put their name on the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Do one or two practice runs to school before it officially starts. Point out all the signs along the way, such as crossings, stops, street names and remember to time the trip.
  5. Talk about how to cross the road properly at cross walks and controlled crossings, spending lots of time and attention on looking both ways and making eye contact.
  6. Parents should start slowing down now in school zones. It's good practice for you, and you will be helping to keep parents and kids safe for those who are starting to do their practice runs now. Also, many of the RCMP and local Police Departments are in practice mode as well. I saw 2 cars using radar this last Friday in a school zone.
  7. During your practice run, point out areas you expect your children to stay away from, such as alleys, construction areas, people they don't know, etc.
  8. If your child is taking the bus back and forth to school, check out " Sparky The Fire Dog " at , for outstanding school bus safety tips. It's a great site!
  9. Make sure your child has memorized their address and phone number. 
  10. Please, please make sure you have practiced the BACK PACK TOSS with your child. You will find the instructions in our Tip of the Week Library, and it really is life saving information.

    For more great safety resources, tips and information for your kids, including a free child id kit, tips on bullying and more visit our partners at

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