Saturday, August 30, 2008

Inspiration for the Weekend-Don't Miss This Event Saturday, August 30!

Follow Jason as he attempts to swim 40 miles down the Hood Canal in Puget Sound this Saturday, August 30, 2008! Updates will be shared about Jason's progress via his twitter page. So if you aren't already a member of or a friend of Jason's sign up and join today to show your support!

Who's Jason and why should you show your support? Jason Pipoly, is to be cheered and admired for his determination and will power, as Jason is paralyzed from the chest down.

Let him know how inspired you are and wish him the best! I know this is last minute, but I'm sure it will make a big difference to know he has new followers and others who are inspired by his determination.

As a sister to someone with spina-bifida, I am very inspired to here about people who don't allow their physical handicaps keep them from achieving their dreams! My sister is also very strong-willed and has never let her disorder hold her back. While others thought she may not marry, get a job, etc.; she has proven them all wrong and has been happily married for the last ten years!

So whenever I feel down or think I will not achieve something, I am reminded of her and all her daily challenges and how she, like Jason does not allow negative thoughts or physical handicaps get them down!

Best wishes Jason!!

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