Thursday, September 04, 2008

Let's Go Shopping

If you are in AZ some of the best shopping can be found at the numerous outlet stores and malls found throughout the state. One of the largest shopping mall meccas is known as Metro Center in the Phoenix area. Another great shopping mall is the Tucson Mall for a little smaller level of shopping with a large selection of department stores and specialty shops.

While I am not a big shopper, I merely shop when I need something, such as food, new clothes or shoes for the family or gifts. I enjoy shopping at the mall most to make shopping fast and easy to find a wide selection of products in one place. Mall shopping is great because it limits your travel time around town, saves you gas and is indoors. In AZ anything you can do indoors, especially during the summers is always a plus.

Some of my favorite specialty shops include The Limited, The Gap, Nine West, Anne Taylor and Victoria's Secret. If I could shop in any of these places and enjoy a shopping spree for a day, I would be in shopper's heaven. The clothes, accessories, shoes and styles are great for moms to look fashionable without spending tons of money on looking great. Anne Taylor is probably the more expensive line, offering clothing for the more professional and sophisticated woman.

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