Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mommy Wars and Sarah Palin as Vice President

There has been so much debate about Sarah Palin lately, VP selection by Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, that I could not help adding my thoughts on this topic. I normally do not like to discuss politics publicly, let alone controversial topics. However, this topic has become such a hot debate I could not ignore the issue.

As a work at home mom, I fully support Governor Palin's achievements and what she represents. While I find managing a home, my own dreams and my own children challenging enough for me, I admire a woman like Sarah Palin who can represent women and families in this country. Women should look up to Sarah Palin for her confidence and success.  She is a great role model for women and young girls, despite her daughter getting pregnant.

Teen pregnancy is not a result of poor parenting as some want to imply, it is a result of poor choice. While I am sure Sarah Palin does not promote teen pregnancy she is a true believer in what she stands for, pro-life, therefore she and her husband are standing by their daughter and wishing her nothing but the best, while also giving their blessings for her to marry. Sure, this is controversial to some, but I think it is the mature thing to do, it shows she is teaching her children the value of life and to take responsibility for their actions.  Should the marriage fail, it will teach her daughter to support herself and to learn to make it with or without a man in her life, which many single moms do every day.

This video discusses the issue of 'mommy wars', while analyzing Palin for her decision to put her family in the spotlight, when she has a teen daughter that is five months pregnant and a five month old Down Syndrome infant. I am tired of the lack of support by other women (and some men) who do not feel Palin is capable of succeeding in such a prominent position because she is a mother. Women and mothers need to stick together, show their support and admire Governor Palin for her achievements. Governor Palin has successfully run the state of Alaska, (with an 80% approval rating) reduced taxes and spending, fought corruption and represents her state with integrity. Sarah Palin is good for small business; she does not support raising taxes, which hurts jobs.

Her parenting abilities and what she chooses as a women and mother should not even be an issue for debate, if she were a man this topic would not even be in the news. The mainstream media is pushing a debate on this topic while trying to demean Palin for her accomplishments and capabilities. Palin has proven as a successful and well-liked Governor of Alaska that she is capable of being a successful Mother, wife and political figure. Her husband is perfectly capable of caring for their children while she works. Give men and stay at home dad's some credit. We are in a new era, stay at home father's are just as capable as mother's of caring for their children.  I know my husband helps with childcare, housework and cooking quite a bit and I am even a stay at home mom.

Equal or Shared Parenting”, where both parents are involved in child rearing, etc. is a new phenomenon for some, but the times of "Leave It to Beaver" are over. Women are making great strides and proving that they are smart, capable and powerful enough to handle the same roles men have been dominating for years. As a woman, stay at home mom and supporter of Palin, I feel she is a great role model for women in our country. She can relate to and represent all moms and women, while acting as an advocate for families with special needs children. Sure, she has a seventeen-year-old daughter that is pregnant and plans to marry, no parent wishes this for his or her child and I am sure Sarah Palin and her husband never wished this upon their daughter. However, their decision to support their daughter is commendable. Would you rather her daughter hide the pregnancy, terminate it or become one of those teens who abandon the baby in a trash bin? "I believe that honoring the family structure is that important," Palin told the Anchorage Daily News.

Governor Palin is obviously proud of her family; there is no reason for her to hide the fact that her teen daughter is pregnant. Palin has said she was proud of her daughter's decision to have the baby and that Bristol has the family's "unconditional support and love." Sure, she voted against funding for a teen pregnancy center; this concurs with her beliefs, she advocates abstinence, why would she advocate supporting teen pregnancy in this manner. Her teen daughter is pregnant, and unmarried, but this is not hypocritical, it aligns perfectly with her family values and religious beliefs. Sarah Palin and her husband will be there to support their child through this, as will the baby's father. Many women do not even have a family member to be there during the birth of their children.  Other teens are so afraid to consult their parents; they turn to abortion or other risky behavior to hide the pregnancy.

In addition, her daughter’s pregnancy and the fact that she is not yet married are a private family matter that Sarah Palin was willing to share with the public because she has integrity and has nothing to hide. The malicious rumors that were going around saying that her infant son was her teen daughters were enough and I am sure Sarah Palin does not want any other malicious rumors spread about her and her family. Therefore, she shared her family’s real life situation with the world. I am sure she did not share this information to be looked down upon as a mother and parent, nor as a political candidate, but shared this issue because it is a prominent crisis in America (750, 000 teens per year become pregnant) and her family is not immune to reality.

To address the issue of having her infant son out past 10 pm at night during the convention, once again this should not be an issue. This does not reflect her political abilities. Her parenting skills are not what the media and the public should be debating. 
Those who want to criticize Sarah Palin for having her infant son out past 10 pm at night, while she gave her nomination speech are frivolous; tell me how many parents have never had their child out that late? The baby was sleeping most of the time during the convention; the baby was being well cared for by a loving family. Would you rather she had left her baby at home with a nanny or a sitter? 

As a proud parent, I would rather have my entire family with me accepting the nomination of VP for the Republican Party. The moment was a once in a lifetime event. Sure, the baby does not care or know what is going on, but the value of family is represented by having her entire family there. Sarah Palin is a strong women, proud parent and mother. Her approval rating as Governor of Alaska alone is enough to qualify her as a viable VP candidate, not to mention her experience. Those who are unsure or have second thoughts should really consider this when deciding whom to elect in November.

Finally, the issue of whether she is fit for VP because she is a mom to a special needs child, a pregnant teen and should be home with her children should not be an issue. It is not an issue for Obama and his wife, and never has been an issue for any male or female candidates before this election.

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I completely agree and I couldn't have written this better. Governor Palin inspires me to be more than I am today!

wow, you should submit this to national newspapers in the opinion page..... this was awesome.....

thanks for sharing your views


Thanks for your feedback Bonnie and Teresa. I'm glad to hear you agree ☺

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