Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Twitter Handbook Is Released

If you haven't been using Twitter yet, the latest micro-blogging platform, allowing you to share thoughts and info in 140 characters or less with people globally online, via sms and cell phone, then you have been missing out on a lot. There are people to meet from moms to dads, from marketers to coaches and more. While tweeting might seem a waste of time to some Twitter is a useful tool for those who work at home to connect socially online, to share ideas and to learn about new resources. For many, Twitter has become a virtual 'water cooler'. Many companies are also finding the value in Twitter, such as popular media networks, Comcast, Dell and others who are utilizing Twitter to capture customers and assist customers with issues on the spot. Twitter has become an online revolution that is bringing people together from around the world, while also creating a new marketing tool for business.

Twitter is available via public timeline, similar to an instant message platform. The users can follow others they want to connect with or send dm's to share private messages. Their are numerous applications and sites that make using Twitter easier, such as which allows you to post your tweets when you can not post them yourself. There is which allows you to track links you share on twitter to see how popular the information you share is and how many times it has been clicked/opened.

I'm still learning about Twitter myself. I started using it around May after hearing so much about it online in various places. While Twitter is a bit distracting, I have learned about a lot of new sites, gadgets and resources I would not have known about if it weren't for the sharing that goes on by other members and followers. I have also had a chance to connect with other work at home moms I would not have met otherwise.

To learn more about Twitter and how to use it for business @coachdeb is one of the online guru's you should follow. She and @warrenwhitlock also put together a Twitter handbook, you can find the first e-book release by signing up at The handbook gives you twitter terminology, applications and resources for using twitter more effectively and other information you will find useful. The book was released yesterday in electronic format. If you decide to follow @coachdeb and @warrenwhitlock let them know @littlebytesnews sent you and feel free to add me to your followers. Thanks! ☺

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