Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful To Friends and Family and Twitter

Thanks to Marie Ynami at I found some inspiration to share a Thanksgiving blog post.
Marie is sponsoring a meme this week on the things we are thankful for. Here are a few of mine, along with a great free e-book offered via Marie and some other useful links.
I am also thankful to my new twitter friend HomemakerBarbie who got me thinking about Thanksgiving earlier in the week when she tweeted about her request for Thanksgiving posts.
I am grateful for my loving husband who has been out of work about four months. Although I hope and pray he finds a good job again soon, I am thankful for all his help and support with the kids while he has been home. He has helped me keep my sanity these past few months by taking turns with diaper changes, bedtime routines, cleaning and more! Even when he does work 40+ hours a week he is just as supportive when he is home. I will miss all his help when he does return to work and I'm sure my sons will miss him being around as well. If only he could work from home.
I am also grateful for my sons health, my family's health, my own health during this difficult economic time, since we are without health insurance. I hope that we continue to remain overall healthy throughout the holidays and the coming new year.
I am also grateful for all the new friends and contacts I have made online via twitter. I have learned a lot and have gained friends I hope to meet some day, especially my new twitter friend Simone.
Here are other great links to help you through Thanksgiving and to show your thanks:

Stay Fit and Trim This Thanksgiving
"How to Create a Thanksgiving Holiday". It is ready for download and it is filled with recipes and activities you can do with your family this Thanksgiving. You can pick it up at

I recently learned on twitter that we can share thanks daily.  Join @yoga_mama, myself @littlebytesnews and others on twitter to share your daily thoughts of thanks and gratitude by adding the #gratitude hashtag to your posts.

Finally, I wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe one as we begin the stress of the holiday season and look forward to a new year!

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What a great list of things to be thankful for! Thanks Patty for joining our meme.

Hi Patty-

I poked around, and it's all good here :-) Hope you had a nice TGiving.


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