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We Feel Your Pain-Moms Motrin Ad, Do You Feel Our Pain?

While on twitter last Saturday night, I noticed several tweets that included #motrinmoms in them. Being curious and a mother, I decided to follow the link to the ad they were referring to in their tweets on Initially, I viewed the ad on a blog post in screen shots with the transcript of the voice in the video included. Many moms felt offended by the ad, which eventually lead to the posting of a viral protest video on YouTube for thousands to view on Sunday in an effort to get the Motrin Company Johnson & Johnson to react and do something about the ad. As of Sunday night, the site is down and a reply from, a mom, Motrin marketing executive was sent to the mommy blogger community and the member who created the viral video uproar on twitter over a simple ad.

After surfing through several other moms’ comments on twitter and on the blogosphere, I am glad to see there are other moms who are not so easily offended by a simple ad. Give me a break, it's just an ad, it's not saying all moms are crazy or wear carriers to be trendsetters...they are showing some compassion in stating they feel your pain. As moms, the late nights, the carrying, the lifting, the fatigue can especially get to you in the first few months, there are days when you might feel tired and crazed, and have headaches and body aches.
I know I used a baby carrier with both my sons when I could and when they would have difficulty falling asleep on their own. This would allow my hands to be free while doing other things around the house. My sons enjoyed the carrier, up until about the three-month mark, they learned to relax and sleep in the carrier, but overall neither enjoyed it for very long or lengthy periods. In addition, you can get back pain when carrying and lifting a baby all day, despite using proper form, especially if carrying a baby that averages 7-8 lbs. Both of mine were close to 9 lbs so I did not choose baby carrying/wearing for long periods. My husband would carry them for longer periods in a hiking backpack for hikes; they seemed to enjoy this much more, as they got older. Either way, I don't think Motrin intended to offend anyone nor was I offended. I am also inclined to believe some moms might have used this public outcry as an attack on a company for their own personal benefit, by exploiting a company for their own commercial gain and personal agenda.
As a mom and former baby wearer, I'm sure some moms endure physical pain from baby carrying/wearing, other moms might use a sling/carrier because it became a fashionable/popular style or trend &/or to support/comfort their baby while having their hands free to do other things. (I know I have witnessed many moms admit they had varied sling/carrier styles, in varied colors/designs/brands because they looked fashionable.) In my opinion, the ad is somewhat humorous and should be taken lightly. There are things that are far more offensive on TV, online and happening in our society to get offended about. Moms have spoken and their voices were heard, now to see them come together for a greater cause, one that I’m sure most moms would like to see lessened if not banned completely, abortion.

As previously noted, there are many ads, movies and television shows on TV today that might offend someone or a complete demographic of people. However, what offends me even more are many(not all) of those same people who protest gay rights and the rights of convicted murderers and child abusers or spoke out against the ad put out by
Motrin, also support or don’t condemn the killing of up to 4,000 innocent babies lives every day in our country alone through abortion!
Now that is appalling! That is offensive! How can so many moms who opposed the Motrin ad directed at moms who might wear baby slings/carriers and feel pain, which I feel empathized with the challenges and physical demands of moms everywhere, especially new moms, support a ‘choice’ and a candidate such as Obama, who condones abortion? Why not speak out against such a ‘choice’ and heinous act as abortion the same way?
I would rather moms come together to protest abortion & boycott abortion clinics while demanding more education, alternatives, prevention and respect for life by encouraging people to take responsibility for their actions rather than condone the selfish act of abortion in the name of 'choice'. Now this is something I would love to see go viral on twitter and YouTube, calling moms to action to write their state representatives/senators and demand they oppose pro-choice laws along with the use of taxpayers money to support abortion facilities, such as Planned Parenthood.

How can so many moms and Americans ignore the real issues pushed aside in our society today? Our Founding Fathers founded America on Christian values, the majority of the country practices Christianity, which ideologically does not support abortion. However, nearly 50 million voters were unheard and are often criticized for having religious or traditional Christian values. We are frequently labeled racist and other divisive terms for voting against Obama this past election. Where is the respect for our feelings and beliefs, as well as the rights of the unborn?

Therefore, I believe it is about time those of us who respect life and the rights of the unborn speak out again against abortion. Why not collaborate on issues that are far more important through social media outlets like twitter and YouTube? Despite the ridicule and judgment we face by pro-choice advocates, we need to come together stronger than ever before to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act, FOCA, which Pres-Elect Obama intends to pass as soon as he is inaugurated. Experts say FOCA could increase abortions as much as 125,000 per year, while preventing pro-life state laws currently in place, such as parental notification laws.

As a Catholic and mother of two, I am deeply offended that those who voted for Obama did so without taking our feelings and religious values into consideration, let alone the life and spirit of the millions of unborn babies every year that are aborted. Why are our religious convictions and traditional values opposed so often in society?? Yet a petty ad by Motrin is more insulting to moms on twitter than abortion and other heinous social issues. It is my belief if more women publicly spoke out against abortion, wherever they could, (be it on twitter, blogging, at the store, etc) less women would opt for abortion as a choice.

For additional moms who felt the Motrin ad protest was futile:(please contact me if you have a related post to add)

I recently sent out this email to friends and family from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, please get involved and start here:


Dec 10,2008 Pro-abortion groups will present petitions to the United Nation's General Assemble to make abortions a universally recognized human right

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute created an alternate petition drive that calls for government to interpret the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as protecting human life from the moment of conception to natural death. They need at least 100,000 signatures by December 10th, the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please go to the Website: and sign the petition.

Please pass this information on to EVERYONE.
Finally, if you are a Catholic/Christian and you voted for Obama you might want to watch this video from famous Mexican actor and producer Eduardo Verastegui's >> Share w/all, be warned while this video is enlightening and informative it is also *graphic*, sadly this is what happens when you support pro-abortion candidates. What will you do to stop this??

Pray for our unborn, pray for our future!

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Great article whose time has come. You've put a lot of time and research into this. I hope people are taking notice that there are more important battles than OTC pills ad. :)


Very good article! It's time for moms to start speaking out against the horrors of abortions, for the pain "IT" causes for both the baby and the mom.


I'm just a baby wearing dad here in Malaysia but I have to say the the Motrin ad pisses me off too!

Thanks for the input @cathy and S., it's nice to see others point of view and to see that others agree there are more important issues to get angry about on twitter then to take an ad personally.

@homebiss, I understand your feelings and those of the others who were offended but don't you also agree there are more important issues to make an uproar over?There have been far more offensive ads/shows/movies than the motrin ad. Social issues like abortion need more voices to unite like they did on twitter,using social media to reach people globally to share ideas to prevent it and put an end to abortion.


I'm a Muslim and our stand on abortion is pretty clear. It is prohibited and should be banned indefinitely.

The problem right now is that some people (regardless what religions they follow) have thrown away their Holy Scriptures and went for secularism. It is not easy to make those people see the obvious now but we have to struggle for the sake of humanity.

This post is just offensive. You can't just make this blanket statement that all Christian oppose a woman's right to choose -- plenty of devoted, practicing Christians are pro-choice. In fact, there are TONS of Christian denominations that actively support and advocate for a woman's right to choose.

Anti-choicers don't have a corner on Christianity; please stop hiding behind (y)our religion. If you think abortion is murder, fine, but don't claim to speak for all Christians.

Ya know, I found nothing offensive about the Motrin ad. Raisng children is not an easy task and there are lots of aches and pains that come with the job. I never used a carrier and still had a sore back and arms and hips from carrying my little guys around. If I say there were times when holding my kids for hours on end made me miserable and sore does that make me a bad mom? Of course not! What a ridiculous notion! people need to get a life and focus on more important issues like abortion, hunger, homelessness, etc. Seriously folks, quit getting your panties in such a bunch over nothing and start putting that misguided outrage toward something worthwhile!

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