Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten and First Grade-School Standards and Expectations

On Sunday's Mamas Time Out show, I spoke with Stacey Kannenberg, co-author of the Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten! and Let's Get Ready For First Grade!, learning series for kids ages 2-8. 

Stacey, who is also a mother of two young daughters, felt there was a need for the books because she wanted to find something to get her daughters ready for school. When she went out looking for such a book she did not find something that met the newest state standards, while making it fun and interactive for the child and the parents.

Stacey's books are colorful, while also educational and fun, as well as practical because the series covers the basic standards required nationally and allows the child to erase their answers and try again. They are made of dry-erase paper and are durable for small hands. Stacey's books offer parents and children a hands-on approach for kids to prepare for kindergarten through first grade, with other grades coming out in the future. According to Stacey, the books are like, 'cliff notes by grade'.

Currently, Stacey is working with publishers on creating the series in Spanish so that Spanish speaking children can also benefit from the books and English speaking children can learn Spanish. In addition to developing the Spanish language versions, Stacey is a renown speaker, writer, publisher, consultant, blogger and Mom CEO. Stacey is a consultant for where they help moms connect with companies to do product testing and reviews.

Stacey suggests parents get involved in their child's education, ask questions, read at least 15 minutes per day, ask open-ended questions and encourage conversation. One suggestion Stacey offered for shy children is to call them on the phone to talk or use a walkie-talkie to make it fun for them to converse so that they can develop their language skills and overcome their shyness.

To hear the full conversation with Stacey on a variety of mom and educational topics, listen to the latest show here or subscribe via i-Tunes.

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