Saturday, December 06, 2008

What color are you?

While updating my profile and adding new network contacts on today, I noticed a new feature that asks, "What color are you?" Out of curiosity I clicked the link and took the quick survey and learned the following fun facts about myself, much of which I would say is quite accurate based on my responses and the questions provided.

While red is my favorite color, particularly garnet red, it turns out I am a high blue:

High Blues at a glance

You are a pleasant co-operative warm supportive team player.
You need reassurance that you are liked and personal assurances that you are doing a good job help you to feel comfortable within your job.
You are skilled at co-operating with others within the team and you are seen as a calming influence within a group. You prefer first names and informality within the office and are patient and considerate when dealing with others.
When stressed you may become indecisive and hesitant to act. However, you should be aware that this Behaviour could be perceived by others as wishy-washy. To help you increase your effectiveness High Blues must say no occasionally, attend to completion of tasks without oversensitivity to others feelings, self confident and willing to reach beyond your comfort zone, and take a few risks.

IMA High Blue. How to connect with me.
IMA Blue

Be pleasant
Be non assertive
Be consistent
Be selfless
Be open
Be supportive
of my feelings
Be sincere

Now that you know a little more about me connect with me

What color are you? Please share your link in the comments and tell us, what color you are.

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Hi Patty--
I'm a Blue-Green-- pretty introverted, but I also like people (just not around all the time) and a nurturer (loves those grandbabies!).
I love my home business that allows for not having to 'do' the office political thing and to have excellent team support (when I want it). I blog at
Check out my home biz opp at

Hi Cynthia

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Nice to meet you...I can relate to how you feel....I feel nearly the same about people and wanting your alone time.

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