Friday, January 30, 2009

Doll Coos-"Islam Is The Light"-Moms vs Mattel

This was in the news quite a bit around the beginning of December, however I am just getting around to discussing this topic on my blog since another children's product has the same message.

Wal-Mart managers are removing the Mattel Little Mommy Cuddle n’ Coo baby doll that says "Islam is the Light" from store shelves, according to reports from parents and the media across the U.S. and Canada, as well as Wal-Mart employees. Many Wal-Mart managers have removed the controversial doll in the last two weeks, and others are removing it as soon as parents ask.

In a more recent story from the site, mother, Rachel Jones, first encountered the uninvited message in her baby daughter’s baby doll back in December. Now her eight year old daughter’s Nintendo Baby Pals toy says the same thing. Is it a coincidence? Or is there a concerted effort to invite young American girls to join Islam?

Jessica Hayes of WTHI TV, Channel 10 in Terra Haute, Indiana, has the story, here.

Learn more about what happens to little girls who live under Shariah law here and here.

I couldn't believe that something like this is being marketed for our children. Not that I'm against any race, religion or philosophy...but to try and impose it on our children without them understanding or realizing what it is trying to teach just wrong.

How does this product make you feel? Would you have protested or considered it harmless? Did you purchase one without knowing and return it?

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