Monday, January 19, 2009

Farewell To A Man of God

Dear President Bush,

It is with great honor and sadness that I write this letter to you today. While many people are celebrating the incoming President's premature inauguration, I sit here in disbelief that eight years have gone by and we are about to appoint Obama as our next President.

I greatly admired your father when he served as President of the US and was elated to have you become President following the Clinton era. Thank you for keeping our country safe the past eight years, especially for your courage while leading the way to protect our country from terrorism since 9/11. I know the media and the left have been rather hard on your decisions, especially your decision to go into Iraq.

I don't understand where this anger comes from by those who oppose the war, but I and my family greatly appreciate your fortitude and for standing by your principles and beliefs to protect innocent civilians in Iraq from a cruel dictator such as Saddam Hussein. I also greatly appreciate and admire your willingness to stand up for the unborn by proclaiming National Sanctity of Life Day and passing several policies to support the unborn during your term in office.

Mr. President, you will always be my President, as you are a man of God. You believe in the right to life and defend life, the need to help the poor and needy in other countries such as Africa and you saw the need to free the citizens of Iraq so that they could experience democracy and live freely as we do in this great country. 

While I am hopeful, I am also saddened, that our next President will not honor the right to life and the unborn and may not support the citizens in countries taken over by terrorism and dictators. I will continue to pray for our great nation, the life of the unborn and the freedom of all people to enjoy and live life in equality. It is through God's will and power we will survive as a nation.

Lastly, thank you for going out with a bang and offering to commute former Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean so that they could live freely again. As you realize, they were wrongfully convicted for doing the job they were hired to do, this will set a precedent that our law enforcement and border patrol agents are important to protecting our homeland. It is my hope the protection we need to keep enemies out and illegal immigrants out of this country will continue. While I am disheartened by the need for families to risk their lives crossing the border into our country, I feel it is in ours and their best interest to come here legally, so that they can be screened and arrive safely. Half of my maternal relatives immigrated here legally, therefore I feel it is imperative to follow and enforce the laws of the country in order to protect our liberties.

Farewell President Bush, you will be missed, yet never forgotten as a patriot who kept us safe and respected life as a man of God.

Prayers and blessings for happiness and may God Bless America,

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