Friday, February 20, 2009

Can You Do the Potty Dance?Enter to win a Big Kid Room Makeover

Diaper Change

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I just received this in an email from Pullups© and thought I'd share it here. If you have a child that is potty training, this is a great opportunity to win a big kid room makeover as incentive and a fun way to keep them motivated!

I know when we finally trained our oldest son, he was nearly three. We finally encouraged him by getting him excited about going to "Fun Camp"...which was a three week program at a nearby My Gym© for kids. He really looked forward to it and enjoyed the time he spent there. The only way he was going to attend was to finally get potty trained. So why not help your big kid get motivated and enter to win something in the process!

Time to get into the potty time groove! Learn the dance craze that has every Big Kid® moving and shaking to the potty. Then grab your "Mom-cam" and enter your video for a chance to win a kid's room makeover. Get all of the details here.
—Your Friends at Pull-Ups® Brand

Potty Dance!
Say farewell to diapers, hello potty training-it's the Potty Dance! Cool new moves, a chance to win big for your Big Kid®, eBlasts to your friends and more. Check it out!

The Potty Dance

Make Potty Training Fun

What makes the Potty Dance such a hit, is exactly what can help make potty training easier—turn up the fun! Mom/author Jen Sanger has ideas to do just that in our feature article. She's got tips to help keep a sense of humor during potty training. Plus, even more ways to make potty time fun time for your Big Kid®.
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Hi Patty!

YES, husbands can TOTALLY DONATE< and if you win the contest, WIVES can TOTALLY go on the VACATION TO FLORIDA!!! THanks for finding me via the twitter retweet! I bet it was Melisa with one S or Travis, right? THanks!


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