Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby OT: parents may sue hospital over right-to-die battle

This is one of the saddest cases I have heard of this past week. I do not believe anyone has the right to decide who should live or die. This baby should have been left to live regardless of needing life support or not. The parents should sue in this case. It is my belief the socialized /nationalized health care in the UK is what lead to such a decision in this case. Since the government provides the cost of care, I think they took it upon themselves to make the decision to end this baby's life in order to save the government money.

The nine-month-old child, named only as Baby OT, died on Saturday after judges ruled doctors could withdraw life-sustaining treatment.

His parents, identified as Mr and Mrs T and thought to be a Muslim couple who came to Britain 10 years ago from Afghanistan, are said to be devastated by the death.

The Daily Mail said the couple were considering a complaint to the General Medical Council that doctors gave up treating their baby and had not ruled out suing the hospital involved.

Two Court of Appeal judges refused the parents permission to challenge a ruling by Mrs Justice Parker which gave the hospital treating the boy the right to stop medical treatment keeping him alive.

Doctors' representatives backed the right of the courts to make judgments in cases like that of Baby OT, who died just hours after judges ruled that a hospital could stop treating him.

A legal ruling was "the only way forward" in such distressing circumstances, where parents and medics could not agree on treatment for a child, said the British Medical Association (BMA).

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