Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Universal-Nationalized Health Care Best for Your Family?

I came across this video and open letter to President Obama concerning the future of health care in America. Currently, families are free to choose their providers and insurance provider. While some feel nationalized health care is more beneficial, because the government pays for it, there are downfalls to it which can be seen in the problems with the UK&Canada's health care programs. Recently private insurance providers also offered to reduce insurance rates for those who have chronic health conditions, making it easier for those people to get health care and afford it.

I'd much rather have a choice who I see, what company provides my insurance coverage based on the best rates and coverage. It seems if the government has control over these decisions we will be limited to the kind of care we prefer or need, such as in the case of Baby OT in the UK, who I posted about earlier this month and the recent high profile death of actress Natasha Richardson in Canada.

Here is (CPR) Chairman Rick Scott to President Obama – as the president convenes his health care reform summit. Scott urges Obama to reveal specific details about the health care plan he envisions, not just specifics on how much he intends to spend as he did last week — $634 billion. Scott: “Mr. President, Americans don’t want surprises. … Please tell us the specifics of your plan so that all Americans can make a judgment on it for themselves.” Scott notes that already the Obama administration and congressional Democrats have created an ominous sounding “Federal Coordinating Council” for health care that was buried in the recently enacted stimulus package, and for which there was no debate. Scott: “Many Americans are leery about allowing the government to have a more significant role in making private health care decisions that should only be made by a patient and their doctor.”

CPR Open Letter Ad WPv5

What are your thoughts? If nothing else give people the choice to have government health care vs. privatized health care, there is no reason to reduce quality of care for nationalized health care.

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