Friday, March 20, 2009

Parents Be Aware: New Drug Abuse By Teens

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I want to alert as many parents as possible about the latest threat to our teens. There are so many it is hard to keep track sometimes,but this is one I feel strongly about and hope parents will find a way to educate their children that abstinence is the only way they can protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies or  sexually transmitted diseases, emotional distress and heartache.

Some teens in rural America are now self-inducing abortions with chemicals intended to abort livestock, reports one of the nation's oldest and most influential pro-life organizations.

"What kind of world have we created for these girls that they're drinking poison and risking death in these modern-day back-alley abortions, rather than bear their child in love," asked Judie Brown, president of the American Life League.

The grisly situation was first exposed through the efforts of Anna Anderson, head of the Care Net Pregnancy Center in Green County, Wis., who reported the trend on the Stephenson County Right to Life website of Freeport, Ill.

Learn more about this deadly drug here:
Wisconsin Teens Taking Cow Medication to Abort

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