Saturday, March 28, 2009

Real or Man-made??

The image you see was a fungus on a log my tween--oops! I mean my teen granddaughter and I found on a recent hike. She just made that transition this month and is very excited about it. She also made her first visit to us--and flew by herself--well...not completely by herself. There was a plane involved.

Anyhoo...We hiked up Blood Mountain, which is not as ominous as it sounds. About half way up we found this fungus. We stood there for a long time and took several photos. For her, it was really cool to look at. For me, there was the added bonus of resting included!

We will never know if someone took the time to cut the face out of the fungus, but it was certainly a bright spot on our hike and something we will remember--long after I have forgotten the ankle sprain I got going back down the mountain.

I guess the point is that we had a great time, got to know more about each other, and saw some really cool stuff. No phones or video games were involved. We just walked and talked and enjoyed what God gave us.

Don't forget to have those moments and make those memories with your kids and grandkids. The opportunities soon pass and you can't get them back.


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