Monday, March 23, 2009

Tips and Information on ADHD to ODD Along With Tips to Deal With Children's Behavior

Parenting, advice and tips from Debra Wendler. Debra joined us to discuss how to help your child without losing your mind.

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Some of the tips shared on the show include:
-solving what you see is not the solution
-you need to find the cause of the behavior
-learn how your child perceive what they do

1. Parents can start by learning to respect children's attention span, an ADHD child for example has a six second attention span, according to Debra.
2. Parents need to talk in six second bits when giving instructions or requests (listen to the show for some examples)
3. Give warning times to let the child know it's almost time to end/start a task to help with transitions.
4. Give the child a visual schedule of what to expect next, developmentally appropriate (some teachers/parents might use PECS, also known as the Picture Exchange Communication System)
5. What's in it for the child...provide when then instruction, use positive affirmation/direction and replies such as nodding your head yes and saying you can...after..., or when....then....
6. Be sure to avoid the 15 red flag words as discussed on the show

For more information be sure to visit Debra's blog at and for our listeners/readers Debra has provided the following resources:

A. sign up for my free report at and I'll send you my free report - how to motivate your child to listen plus you'll get a link to my three-part video series on how to prevent temper tantrums.
B. Also, something I started today just for your viewers. When you sign up for your report,you can get a free cd called how to help your child without Losing your Mind. It's an interview with Matt Bacak, who became an internet multi-millionaire because his mother used many of the same methods I explain in this CD.
C.Parents will likely see themselves in how I describe my real-life story and how I resolved it. I'm giving this CD away absolutely free. All I ask is that parents pay the low shipping and handling fee and they'll get the cd in the mail right away. PLUS they get four more super bonuses -it's all described there on the page they'll see after they sign up for the free report.

I'm not a doctor, I'm not a therapist. I'm just a mom who stumbled on a parenting style that works a LOT better than regular parents because that never works with kids like ours.

So listen to the show, share your thoughts and ask your questions here or share your experiences with your children.

Download and listen here.

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