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Latest Swine Flu h1n1 Tweets via Twitter from Informative to Humorous

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For the fun of it, I thought I would get a sampling of some of the latest discussion on twitter regarding the Swine Flu (H1N1) discussion on Twitter. Below is a sample of what I found as of this posting:

Swine Flu Pandemic 'Imminent' as Virus Thrives in North America #swineflu #pandemic (via @pandemicwatch)

@webtrendsurfer #swineflu - truth about the swine flu: Video

@mashable: Swine Flu on Twitter: How To Filter Out the Noise - #swineflu

@swineflupanic also there are only eight (8) confirmed swineflu deaths WORLDwide

@WVDHSEM Guidance for Screening for Swine-Origin Flu A (H1N1) by Health Depts., Hospitals, and Clinicians. #swineflu

@cgorman: Another article on #swineflu for GlobalPost. Includes new details from NYC. No more big clusters so far

@CDCemergency Parents: take steps to protect your family from swine flu. Know when to seek med care: #swineflu

@healthmap South Korea: 16 suspected cases + 1 confirmed #swineflu #h1n1

@linkmoneydotorg Dr. Henry Niman says Mexican Flu very early stages WILL become much worse! - - #mexicanflu #swineflu - pls RT

@isCool CDC Swine Influenza (Flu) | Information for Concerned Parents and Caregivers #SwineFlu I just scored 21 #swineflu

@roachradio Is Twitter helping or hurting during swine flu outbreak? Pls RT (this means you1) #swineflu #news

@PressHerald Kennebunk Elementary, Crayon Academy closed due to #swineflu. Maine Gov. Baldacci declares 'civil emergency'

@andreajares All Fort Worth, Texas schools closed as a precaution against #swineflu

@klustout The WHO has raised the #swineflu alert level to 5. The Pentagon's "Pandemic Influenza Watchboard" now live: #cnn #news

@oneangrymother Perspective: Pandemics and Pandemic Threats since 1900 (USDHHS) #swineflu

@mparent77772: Quick and painless website will test if you have swine flu #tcot #swineflu

As you can see there are many people concerned, others who think twitter is taking the issue to extremes and others who are sharing informative links and sometimes humorous responses.

What it boils down to is to use common sense; if you feel sick stay home, if you have a sudden fever, diarrhea, nausea, body aches, symptoms of the flu, stay home, and if symptoms worsen see your Dr. for medication w/in 24 hours. To prevent catching the virus make sure you wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizers, cough or sneeze into Kleenex and other common sense habits. Some of the links above will lead you to helpful resources, along with humorous resources to help keep you and your family on the healthy track.

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